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Vol. 11   |   Iss. 8




Revitalizing Communities One Neighborhood At A Time

B. SHAKOOR, Staff Writer

     During a devastating crisis surrounding the education of our youth by lack of funding; and a rush of school closures throughout Detroit, many architectural gems were victims of demolition.

But, several of those gems were saved - by either, relocated schools or retail locations, and the greatest one came from revitalization projects by non-profit/charity Life Remodeled.

Their Mission Statement, “Remodeling Lives... One Neighborhood at a Time” has helped restore the hope for some of our Detroit schools, along with the neighborhoods surrounding them. Life Remodeled’s latest project ushering to revitalize one of our schools, is the Durfee Innovation Society.


R-T! was invited to see the progress of the project; but I personally wanted to see what was happening with my alma mater. Needless to say, the change was good - and, very good! (The school had a Planetarium!

Life Remodeled had aimed to "repurpose" as much as possible with the building, landing a bullseye on the architectural gem and its historically beautiful structure. View the story through photos of the project and its progress, in the slideshow.

Visit their website for more details and information on events, classes and opportunities. Their Mission is in action... Creating an oasis in the center of a community for residents to achieve the highest level of Life Remodeled!