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After winter hibernation, nature starts to move again in spring; spring is a time of renewal and freshness. Your body is programmed by evolution to sense the awakening of spring. In short, you are set [by default] to feel renewed and at the same time to bring renewal to your body... You spring clean your house - so why not do the same for your body?
But here, Spring Cleaning your body isn't about cleaning with water and soap - on the outside, it's more! Oftentimes people hear about cleansing your body, they immediately think of food-wise; this is true, but not the only way it takes to cleanse your body.  Your body requires movement, perhaps in the form of exercise; some form of light energy such as sunlight, and water. We depend on our body to do so much for us, and it depends on us to take care of it.
If you have been feeling weighed down or less shiny than you would like, now is the time for a little spring tune-up.



 Now that the outside is recognized, and hopefully taken care of - it's time to focus on the inside of the body. READ MORE!






And daQW3N is Excited... Here's Her Story:

It's a #ROYALDAY, indeed! I'm so excited and proud to be seeing this day.
I get emotional as I visualize the years my Baby has evolved through:



LOSTSH3P WELCOME inside ROYAL TALK Publications!  My name is Alisha Smith, but my closest friends and family call me Lisa; mainly my mom :)

     I am a family member of Da ROYAL QWEN, Ronyae; and when she notified me about the Editor position here at ROYAL TALK Publications, I was enthralled!  Needless to say I accepted the opportunity to be  a part of something that I feel is going to achieve a serious spark in the world.  I wish to take a moment here and vow to uphold my duties as Editor, and if anyone wishes to contact me, please feel free to send me a message, or drop a line to my email address:

     Although, I wish to keep my identity a mystery, I do not wish to keep my honest character and/opinions in the closet.  I am a very candid person, and you will see this in my submissions.  I expect the same from our readers, and I also expect a huge amount of interaction/participation.

     ROYAL TALK Publications is an entertaining form of characters and spirits in the ROYAL KINGDOM and it's COURTs; it will include many genres and showcases of their creativity and arts that they specialize in individually and as a whole.  The members of ROYALTY are all inspired by one factor: The LOVE, MERCY, GRACE, and FAITH in GOD.  We know that we are all sinners, and that God is constantly working with and through us; We wish to extend our spirits and blessings to you, our readers in hopes that our goal of being a "VOICE OF A NATION" is accomplished!


Snoopytyping LOST SHEEP, EDITOR ...  Hello, I'm LOST SHEEP of Da KINGDOM, a family member of Your ROYAL Highness, Da QWEN; And I have been deemed as EDITOR of ROYAL TALK Publications, and I'm THRILLED ABOUT IT!!

I am extending an invitation to all ARTISTS!  Rather it be writers, musicians, publicists, dancers, business owners, film, modeling... etc... 2 bring your expertise here to ROYAL TALK Publications

Here is the email address again, for any concerns and all submissions/requests... and, so forth!









     Can you just imagine it now, the future BHMs, stories from memories being told by our children from today. The horrific way Dreams of yesteryear BHM icons withered before their eyes, in events such as the ones a Nation is watching as well - at this very moment - in time..?

The Black History of the city of Flint, Michigan goes as far back as 1966, despite [auto industry] discrimination, the Flint City Council selected Floyd McCree as mayor, making him one of the first African American mayors of a large city - according to factsFlint Mayor Floyd McCree featured in a July 1967 Ebony Magazine ...


 Those same facts also include Flint's Black History lasting well into the years to come, since the city diversified as a whole, and by the 1990s African Americans formed a plurality of the population, and a majority by the 2000 census.

With facts such as this, it causes a strange "Hmmm"; a city that has held strong Black History in a positive light, fall to a city of officials who have no common welfare for their constituients? Who dropped the ball, and when? This is a sad account for the children - their futures have been destroyed by this crisis, and all other events of tragedy our Nation has endured.  But the keyword here is: ENDURED. A nation endured, but will the children of Flint, MI have that opportunity?  Those that do - WE PRAY.


The outpour of assistance is a great thing, in so many ways. Thanks is definitely in the air, and hearts of so many Flint residents and families. But, don't be deterred, nor air-headed by the corruption of city officials and/or the hype of doing so for reward [recognition].  This is a serious matter. A life/death matter.

Many that travelled to Flint, returned with a humbled outlook.  People, things are bad - everywhere. But, to witness how someone else is being victimized - unknowingly, it touches you to a point of humility. 

On behalf of a family member, loved one, previous resident of Flint, MI a huge THANKS to all who have helped - in ANY manner! A special THANKS to UAW Local 1700 for their time, consideration, and kindness!




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muhammad theoverseer

When one begins to purposefully
perform acts of kindness, the spirit
changes and soon doing good deeds
becomes a focal point for our life;
doing good begins to be the same
as feeling good. The periods of emptiness
when we search for the "meaning of it all"
begin to fill with acts of kindness.

No kind action ever stops with itself.
One kind action leads to another.
Good example is followed.
A single act of kindness throws out
roots in all directions, and the roots
spring up and make new trees.
The greatest work that kindness
does to others is that it makes
them kind themselves.
Much love and many sent to your heart spirit and soul my friend
muhammad theoverseer

WUT wud U TITLE DIS?....Contact ROYAL-TALK!!!  


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Reccession and CHILDREN....R U Talking to Them About It?

Ranya E. Snowden as RONYAE, Special to Royal-Talk!

     With the crashing of Wall Street, Banks and Mortgage Foreclosures, and of course the entire Financial Crisis America is in, we all are in a rut.  And whether or not you are actually being touched by all of this, it is trickling down to our children; But, are you discussing this with them?  Are you telling them that Mommy and/or Daddy is just "BROKE"?

     See, this year will be a bit different for our young imaginaries; there will be a shortage of living spaces, education opportunities, spruce shopping...the list goes on.  And all of this is and will truly affect our youth and their future endeavors.  How will Little Johnny become that entreprenuer, when his parents aren't able to send him to college?...Think About It!  Your cildren may just understand this crisis more than you give them credit for!






New Program Announced from Big Brothers Big Sisters

Men are needed to be "Sports Buddies" mentors




We are excited to share with you an awesome concept in mentoring. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit is introducing "Sports Buddies" to the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Thanks to the generosity of the Hudson Webber Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan as well as the partnership of the Detroit Tigers and Think / Detroit PAL we are excited to announce a new addition to BBBSMD's mentoring programs.

Men, you are needed to be a "Sports Buddies Mentor".

We have a special need for Big Brothers right now. Sports Buddies is an activity-based mentoring program that offers an opportunity to the mentors and mentees to get to know each under while doing what most men/boys enjoy: sports. There will be two required activities each month. One activity will be interactive and a chance for all of the BIGs and the littles to come together and play a game of softball, flag football or learn a new sport. Think / Detroit PAL will provide the coaches, sports equipment and the playing locations for this portion of the Sports Buddies program. The second activity will be an opportunity to attend a game, take a locker room tour and do something fun with your little that is sports related.

As a BIG your responsibilities are to attend the game day and then select one other activity for you and your little to participate in. Transportation for the littles to each activity is provided by their parent or care-giver. We also ask each BIG to make contact with their little the weeks that no activity is scheduled by phone or email. Each BIG is asked to make a twelve month commitment to their little and our program. Sports Buddies will have an eight month season followed by a post-season of four months in either our community or school-based program.

If you are interested in being a part of our draft by participating or have questions please contact Lynette Simmons at or 248-569-0600 x250 ASAP.  We have forty roster (mentor) positions available to impact and make a BIG difference in the life of a young man.


It only takes 1% of your time to make a 100% of a difference. Don't sit on the bench, get in the game!




IT'S TIME 4 ME..!..?




      Sometimes you get caught up in taking care of your loved ones, fam/peeps, and/or friends..until you forget who truly matters most-U!!!
Wen I was working alongside my 'tru' enemies, I learned to just take time for mysef; keep mysef on top of the game; stay in perspective for those who ['are being taken care of by you'] are able to still rely on you....
Oftentimes, I've realized that I get the best rest away from home, why is that?....I've even noticed others to come to my 'resort' to "GET AWAY"...And why is this?
Life throws more than curve balls, and you must be ready for them-But how can you be prepared when you haven't taken the time for yoursef-to keep yoursef intact to handle the storm...?  Why not stay looking and feeling the best-Being the best so that those who rely on you, can feel secure...?
Appreciate a GOOD Man When U C 1
~ROYAL Friend, Submitted

Hey ladies, I got some advice for you... appreciate a good man when you see one.
There aren't many of us out there, so when you got one don't turn face, and run.
Embrace that GOOD man, and don't let him get away... he's a true gift from above.
He takes care of your needs, holds down his place and gives unconditional love.
When times are tough and life is getting you down, and weighing on you like boulders.
Grab that GOOD man and hold on... he can handle it...
just look at the size of his shoulders.
His strength comes from the size and depths of his heart and love he has for you.
And don't worry about over-burdening him... for a GOOD man this is nothing new.
It's nothing for him to sacrifice everything he has to make your life seem less stressed.
He's here for you to put a smile on your face and make it seem like he is the one blessed.
He's Blessed to have you and he will show it to you each and everyday
Because a GOOD man will always be by your side... and won't let you go astray.
His focus will be on point and it will seem like all your needs he's had intuned.
You won't even have to ask... if he had to... he would reach for the stars and give you the moon.
Because when a GOOD man loves a woman... there is nothing he won't do or won't give.
He would sacrifice his own life if that's what it took for you to live.
So ladies, once again... just please appreciate a good man when you see one.
If you finished reading this poem, I guess you listened to my advice and didnt turn face and run.




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