A recent report on a cruise line discussed a completely “cleared by shots” passenger log, but a virus case happened! Whaaaa!?! How’s that, you ask? Well, it’s simple: we are NOT ready to let our guards down - yet.
It’s all so very unsure and has room for skepticism when it comes to knowing how to deal with this virus and what will bring a permanent solution.
But when it comes to the question, to mask or not to mask… there’s no doubt in me wearing a mask! I’m not convinced... ARE YOU? JOIN OUR BLOG...









     This is an outrage people!  Our children must be safe, and it is our duty to ensure this.

Some may support 45’s disillusion to send our children back to in-person learning and see no problem with it. Saying that there are students in areas where they are not able to take advantage of online education options, and sending them into a world of danger is simpler… for who, though?  Are these people truly considering the dangers of this pandemic?  Would it not be simpler to work on a solution to help all students obtaining an online education, instead of having to safeguard them constantly just to be educated?

Another great option would be to homeschool your child(ren); this has been a way of education for generations and has benefits just as accomplished as a student sitting in a learning center. This option may have more challenges to face when considering who will instruct the children if the parents must work; these types of challenges are not life threatening, and a solution can easily be obtained (monetary concerns may exist).

Considering the options available to prevent our children from being exposed to the virus and the uncertainty surrounding it, finding a safer solution is not as complicated as many may believe of have themselves contemplating. Sure, the schools are being threatened with defunding possibilities. But if the complete educational system works together to stand against the bullying and provide a unified solution for all students, our children just may have a chance at a future.

Doing what we do best: research, we have the connection for information and updates from the US Department of Education. Stay updated on what the government is focused on, and your options! Keeping in mind of the many online education opportunities and selections; online education can be within your state or a local option.






This crisis and the ‘trickle down’ effect is a silent and gradually growing monster majority of us are not realizing.  The first sign we all should be noticing if not the dwindling retail inventory, is the shortage of coins. Wake up people!  We are in a crisis that seems to be getting worse not better.

Let’s not forget the fact of stay at home orders being lifted and people are out moving more, but some of the workers are at a standstill.  Manufacturers and factory workers are not working as usual and some factories have yet to reopen. This leaves a shortage on the products being produced and/or shipped for the consumers...  READ MORE, SEPTEMBER 1st!


JUNE - JULY 2020






     Accusations and uninformed officials doubled the timeframe, and the world found itself at the mercy of the most deadly event of our time.  #45, instead of portraying true leadership qualities, decided to claim the symptoms of this pandemic as a [democrats] hoax; procrastinated on frontlining and heading off this pandemic by not providing the proper agency to handle the situation, and also 'downplaying' the urgency of a crisis; then finally placing blame on another country. Little did #45 realize, while he was pointing a finger to blame any and everything else, he was also pointing MORE fingers back at himself while doing so.
Meanwhile, nearly a million Americans lost their lives from this pandemic; more than a billion were forced to start living in a manner they had never imagined: with masks... and gloves.



FEB 2020 - MAR 2020




 LEAP YEAR 2020! - What Is It? (cont. from Cover)



      The name "leap year" probably comes from the fact that while a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar normally advances one day of the week from one year to the next, the day of the week in the 12 months following the leap day (from March 1 through February 28 of the following year) will advance two days due to the extra day (thus "leaping over" one of the days in the week). These extra days occur in years which are multiples of four (with the exception of centennial years not divisible by 400). Similarly, in the lunisolar Hebrew calendar, Adar Aleph, a 13th lunar month, is added seven times every 19 years to the twelve lunar months in its common years to keep its calendar year from drifting through the seasons. In the Bahá'í Calendar, a leap day is added when needed to ensure that the following year begins on the vernal equinox.












The length of a day is also occasionally changed by the insertion of leap seconds into Coordinated Universal Time(UTC), owing to the variability of Earth's rotational period. Unlike leap days, leap seconds are not introduced on a regular schedule, since the variability in the length of the day is not entirely predictable.


LEAP YEAR (past):
     That extra five-or-so hours nobody likes to talk about are precisely why we have leap years: the 366-day years that occur every four years, encourage women to propose to men, and make celebrating birthdays very confusing for 1/1,461th of the population. Here are nine reasons Leap Day is even more special than you think:
• You’re not the only one who thinks leap years are silly. After Pope Gregory XIII instituted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the idea of adding February 29th every four years seemed so ridiculous that a British play joked it was a day when women should trade their dresses for “breeches”and act like men. The play was meant as satire, but some early feminists must have been inspired; by the 1700s, women were using Leap Day to propose to the men in their lives. The tradition—now called Bachelor’s Day or Sadie Hawkins Day—peaked in the early 1900s and continues today in the UK, where some retailers even offer discount packages to women popping the question.
• If we’re looking at history a bit closer to home in the United States, then we should focus on Massachusetts. The Salem witchcraft trials weren’t a fun time in colonial America. There was a particularly negative connection with Leap Day. The first warrants for arrest went out on February 29th, 1692 for the Salem witchcraft trials.
• According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, in the 1800s, the British-born James Milne Wilson, who later became the eighth premier of Tasmania, “was born on a leap day and died on a leap day.” Wilson died on February 29th, 1880, on his “17th” birthday, or aged 68 in regular years. Maybe that’s not that crazy though, since you are more likely to die on your birthday.
• February 30th? This even rarer date occurred in Sweden and Finland in 1712, when they added an extra Leap Day to February to help catch up their outdated Julian calendar with the new Gregorian calendar. There is, however, one race of people who celebrate February 30th every year: Hobbits. The wee folk of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe observe twelve 30-day months every year—including Solmath (translated in the text to February).
• According to an old Scottish aphorism, “leap year was ne’er a good sheep year.” The superstition that Leap Days are particularly lucky or unlucky has been debated through history and across cultures, and there’s still no clear winner. For one thing, it’s bad luck if you’re a prisoner on a one-year sentence that spans a Leap Day. Also, bad news if you work on a fixed annual salary; no extra pay for that extra day. On the other hand, Leap Day is great luck if you’re on a fixed monthly rent (one free day of living!), or if you’re Hattie McDaniel, in which case February 29th, 1940 is the day you became the first African-American to win an Oscar, for your role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind.
Will February 29th, 2020 be lucky or unlucky? You’ll just have to live through it and see. Next, find out why February is the chosen month to be shorter in the first place.

According to an old Scottish aphorism, “leap year was ne’er a good sheep year.” The superstition that Leap Days are particularly lucky or unlucky has been debated through history and across cultures, and there’s still no clear winner. For one thing, it’s bad luck if you’re a prisoner on a one-year sentence that spans a Leap Day. Also, bad news if you work on a fixed annual salary; no extra pay for that extra day. On the other hand, Leap Day is great luck if you’re on a fixed monthly rent (one free day of living!), or if you’re Hattie McDaniel, in which case February 29th, 1940 is the day you became the first African-American to win an Oscar, for your role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind.
Will February 29th, 2020 be lucky or unlucky? You’ll just have to live through it and see. Next, find out why February is the chosen month to be shorter in the first place.
When Julius Caesar took power, he reconfigured the entire thing again and aligned the length of the year with the sun, so that each year would add up to 365 days. For some reason, he left February at 28 days.



What are your chances of being born on leap day?
About 1 in 1,500.
When is the birthday party?
If you are born on a Leap Year, can you get your driver's license as early as February 28th? Well, each state decides whether or not February 28 or March 1 will be the day you are eligible to get your license. Most states, however, consider March 1st the official day. For instance, the Michigan Vehicle Code states that people born on February 29th "are deemed to have been born on March 1st." Another fun fact: Leap year babies yet their driver's licenses when they are officially four years old (16)! There are no rules on when you have a party, however, so really in day in February or March is fair game to celebrate a leap year birthday.
How many people were born on leap day?
There are about 187,000 people in the US and 4 million people in the world who were born on Leap Day.


Superman is a beloved DC comic character known for his superhuman strength. According to writer Jerry Siegal, the character was “born” – or bought by DC Comics – on leap year day of 1938. READ WIKIPEDIA'S INFORMATION, Click image.



There is an official Leap Day cocktail
And it’s called…the Leap Day Cocktail! This colorful cousin of the martini was invented by pioneering bartender Harry Craddock at London’s Savoy Hotel in 1928. According to the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book, “It is said to have been responsible for more proposals than any other cocktail ever mixed” (see: Sadie Hawkins Day above). Whether or not you’re in the market for a freshly soused spouse, you can make your own Leap Day cocktail with Craddock’s original recipe:
1 dash lemon juice
2/3 gin
1/6 Grand Marnier
1/6 sweet vermouth
Shake, serve, garnish with a lemon peel, and enjoy the flood of bittersweet flavors. It’s like a marriage, in your mouth!
Not thirsty? Celebrate Leap Day with travel deals and a rare French magazine.
How does one celebrate a holiday that’s not really a holiday? By shopping, obviously. Many businesses observe the rarity of Leap Day by offering massive deals. Take a minute to check in with any restaurants, hotels, or cruise lines you’ve been curious about; chances are, they have a promotion running. And if your travels take you to France, pick up a copy of the rare La Bougie du Sapeur, a French parody newspaper only published once every four years on Leap Day. Newsstand copies sell for four euro apiece, but generous investors can buy a lifetime subscription—only 100 euro per century. JOIN OUR BLOG AND SHARE YOUR LEAP YEAR TRADITIONS! Click the image.






DEC 2019 - JAN 2020





Research shows the many devastating events that has taken place since the start of the millenium; foreign att

acks, deadly weather, civil infractions are just a few of the vastly mentioned events... and these happened before the first ten years of the millenium could EVEN show face






     Surely we all will never forget the entrance of our 21st Century starting with the Y2K scare! An apparent 'bug' that would fail to happen; this first round of panic was soon followed by even more with disasters such as the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the world's worst oil spill in 2002, a war and fatal European heatwave in 2003, massive Madrid bombing and tsunamis in 2004, London bombing and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, war crimes exposed while planetary club expelled Pluto in 2006, Cyclone Nargis and National bankruptcy scare in 2008, Indonesian earthquake and Afghanistan Presidential election fraud in 2009.  READ MORE...








     The start of our 21st Century would prove itself to be the introduction of what we were in store for, but how and when would the world's inhabitants finally see a sense of relief... or even peace? The 2010s brought the old saying into play: " gets harder before it gets better..."

In the 2010s, we not only became more separated, but also united on some fronts. Especially during devastating social-impacted events such as the Haiti earthquake and the largest U.S. oil spill in 2010, more earthquakes, wars and bombings in 2011, Hurricane Sandy and mass school bombings in 2012, terrorists attacks in Boston and Nairobi along with Typhoon Haiyan and the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, the worst Ebola epidemic and disappearing Malaysia Airlines flight shot down while IndonesiaAsia Air plane crashes and police shooting unarmed blacks in 2014, Himalayas earthquakes with more terrorists attacks and mass church shooting in Charleston in 2015, the outbreak of the Zika virus with more earthquakes and mass shootings while tycoon Donald Trump elected as US Commander-in-Chief in 2016, more terrorists bombing attacks at American concerts, two Mexico earthquakes and Hurricane Harvey in 2017, more tsunamis in Sunda strait and Sulawesi which also had an earthquake in 2018, and now, the end of the 2010s - 2019 has been filled with even more earthquakes, bombings, mass shootings, trials and civil wars...

MPEACHIN2019 Click Image

Many Americans - and maybe some foreign neighbors, too, are placing their hopes for a "Better" future on the impeachment of the current Commander-in-Chief. This hope is sitting atop a very firm foundation of crimes against #45, and let's hope - along with the mass majority of others, that this impeachment will get the ball to rolling on a more prosperous American Dream! You can view the Impeachment statement here. This is by no means, stating #45 is the cause of our recent disasters, but he surely has his space amongst this list.  Discussing #45 is a whole other article, but it's a good thing to start off the New Year with a sense of relief - from his antics against American Values.

Join our discussion on "Ending An Era, Welcoming 2020" on our ROYAL BLAWHGz!









 The Flint drinking water contamination began in April 2014 when Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water (sourced    from Lake Huron and the Detroit River) to the Flint River. Officials failed to apply corrosion inhibitors to the water.











Young Celebrity to Filter Water in 60-Seconds for Flint Families

WHILE SOME ARE ON SPRING/SUMMER BREAKS... Last spring, Jaden announced that he was installing a water-filtration system in Flint, Michigan (after sending cases of his JUST Water bottles for a time), that can clean up to 10 gallons of water at once for families, according to a web article.  We Salute young Jaden! And as Michiganders, we APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS!  READ HIS STORY HERE!



Image result for SUMMER IMAGES



     ...And it has come with full force: very humid heat and high temps has many of us running from usual fun summer activities.  Don't be so afraid, but do stay safe - the high temps AND heat can both very harmful. R-T! does what we do best - help with research and info to keep you ROYAL! These tips will help you through the summer months.

summer-foods                              363-E7-F85-8-C76-494-C-8683-5772-E71-DA683                                                            80-E915-A4-EDC7-4-FC1-B137-9-F8115-BF6-B31

FUN FACT         














J A P, Staff Writer

 America is known for winning its wars... Civil and Foreign. But, R-T! is asking what many recognize silently: DID WE "WIN"?  Yes, the wars were won, but from the looks of our current state - as a nation, WE LOST! 'Freedom may have been [won]', but at what costs? We visit this subject surrounding two major events for America's History: D-Day and JUNETEENTH, and the fought-for freedoms that still seem so distant... READ MORE!


 There's a saying, Lose Battles to Win Wars... Many quote [and perhaps "live" by] this, without realizing the fact that you 'fight' to WIN. Period.
These wars fought for freedom - if won, was freedom the prize?  If so, how is Freedom engulfed with even more slavery?

Let's take a 'glance' at two wars; I use wars for both simply because they were fought for a specific freedom from bondage.  These two wars are D-Day and JUNETEENTH.
As stated, both were a fight for freedom from bondage: D-Day from the tyranny hold of a leader, and JUNETEENTH was a result of an abolishment of American black slavery.  True, America gained its independence, and Black Americans were no longer property by papers... But how free are the Americans now, with their own government, land, democracy and billions of "FREE" residents?



Many are still under bondage by the system, regulations and guidelines, social statistics and yes - segregation, still.
So, the question remains: DID WE WIN? 




Environmental Chaos and Why Is It Happening  |  RONYAE, Staff Writer




Sure, nearly seventy-degree temps in mid-winter SOUNDS - and feels good, but, how good are the consequences?  These consequences that possibly affect the environment - other than YOU!?  Have you ever considered what having hot temperatures in the winter actually effect?  Well, allow R-T! to help shed a bit of light on the subject... 


  As R-T! took to the hunt, the internet was filled with opinions of experts, professionals and regular people.  The facts were needed.  There's more weird weather patterns and climate confusion than we realize, so the facts would help needless to say.
Weird... It was the word that helped us find Mr. Sullivan's article on a farming website. Brian Sullivan agreed that weather has been weird and shared this, "[So weird], in fact, it’s had an almost biblical feel: a February tornado in Massachusetts; record wildfires across the Great Plains and beyond; more snow than ever in the Sierra Nevada; and temperatures whiplashing from balmy to frigid, killing crops and coaxing flowers out of their winter slumber..."


Researchers think warming seas could contribute to more severe weather, and a few worry that rising temperatures in the Arctic could be destabilizing wind patterns and contributing to intense winter storms in the Northeast.
{LOOK OF SHOCK inserted here}
The phrase: Arctic ... Warming.  Confusion.  
Are researchers pointing at Global Warming?  Is global warming related to this Artic warming? The scary confusion! Don't spazz out yet - R-T! researched and found this statement:
These are the facts: Melting ice speeds up climate change. Global warming is causing Arctic ice to melt – ice reflects sunlight, while water absorbs it. When the Arctic ice melts, the oceans around it absorb more sunlight and heat up, making the world warmer as a result.





Check in with yourself and see where you can clear away negative energy to encourage renewal in your daily life; cleanse your body and help boost your physical and mental wellbeing by bringing awareness to what you eat. Your insides are just as important as your outer layer... Haven't you ever heard, "You are what you eat"?




Many may feel Spring Cleaning is about making room and clearing physical space—but why not restore your mind and soul as well?
Look at what has built up over the winter, and what stayed with you? Maybe you had a falling out recently that left some scars, or a crazy holiday break from which you still feel a little bit frazzled. So let’s approach this new season as a great gift, giving us the chance for re-birth! CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR MORE!


spring-clean-spirit-psalm    Spiritual-Spring-Cl3ning









R-T! always support this cause, and offer any information we are able to share with our readers - to do our part, in helping SAVE LIVES! Please share this information, and do your part in helping SAVE LIVES!



autism       April-Awareness-Month





Fast-Foward to just nearly 30 days ago: America’s Government suffered a Shutdown! The cause, you ask? The answer, simple... The Wall.


49279890-2114790898581601-6451984749194903552-n   INTERNET MEMES: Freedom of Speech has never been so rewarding! This meme popped up when the initial tantrums for 45's "Need For A Wall" began. (RP)

Is the importance of this wall so relevant for the Americans and their safety, that their [Americans] livelihood and preservation are snatched from every area of their lives - simply, because of the lack of funding for said wall? I ask you, our ROYAL Readers, what are your thoughts on: THE WALL(Click link to share your #ROYALTALK!)

The debate is heavy, but JUSTICE is not being pushed away without a fight!

I must admit, I have never, I mean - NEVER heard a sitting ... wait, NO Commander-in-Chief speak non-chalantly about being/getting sued; 45's next pouting move after being forced to return the Government in active standing, and settle for reasonable [per Congress] funding of his Golden Ticket, was a "pre-meditated" National Emergency. 45 foreseen his moves, and apparently knew what the [his] "opposers" would do. (insert sue link) A total of 16 states were amid the oppsers that filed lawsuits against 45's impotent 'power grab'. 

The trivial back-and-forth 45 has so many unwillingly participating in, has created even more tax dollars spent - that could be allocated to more useful and much needed areas in the lives of American residents. Albeit, the tug-of-war continues...
Amid the drama 45 has created within the home of Karma, the Americans are hopeful of an impeachment process... to Make America Great [Once] Again !





The Truth Behind The History

RONYAE, Staff Writer


Valentine's Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. Every year on [the] 14th day in February, people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.

The first Valentine's Day was in the year 496! Having a particular Valentine's Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from a Roman festival. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February - officially the start of their springtime.

The history of this festival, as we've researched, isn't filled with sweet love and affection. As a matter-of-fact, it's completely the opposite!




The holiday's roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14 to be St. Valentine's Day.

St. Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

The day gets its name from a famous saint, but there are several stories of who he was. The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers.  CLICK ARTICLE IMAGES & LINKS FOR FULL STORIES











Ways To Cope With Holiday Grief


RONYAE, Staff Writer


   It's quite difficult for some people to understand how one can be in a crowded room - filled with family and loved ones, and still feel a sense of loneliness.  Truthfully, it may not be an understanding to be made, nor a major gesture needed for appeasement of this [lonely] person.  Perhaps, all this person needs is for others not to FORCE [their] holiday spirit and joy onto them.  Sounds strange? But, it's not... Look at it differently.



 The first acknowledgement may be the fact of a person's religious beliefs; not everyone wears their religion on their sleeve, but yet instead in their hearts and actions.  Keys to acknowledging this about someone are simple: notice if this person is "celebrating" by decorating, participating in holiday events, such as Secret Santa, etc.

Secondly, respecting a person's choice whether to 'celebrate' or not is very important; if this person isn't [depressed] holding personal issues against celebrating, they may be the non-celebatory-type.  There are ways to notice this if this person has never been big on big celebrations throughout the year, and not just at Christmas-time.

Thirdly, but not the least in importance, is the reality of some people not having the finances to supply a "happy-enough" holiday.  Considering themselves as broke will hinder many people from celebrating anything, let alone the Christmas holiday.

Finally, we have what many are faced with during the holidays [and mostly everyday of their lives] is grief.  Grief happens when we have lost a loved one, or have experienced a tragedy.  There are oftentimes when grief is so overwhelming that people turn to suicide; according to CDC, holiday suicide rates are not usual, and it's considered a myth that many people commit suicide during the holidays.



"The holidays, although filled with family, friends and celebration, can be a stressful time of year under usual circumstances. But when you are managing grief, it can be particularly challenging..." According to a website article on holiday grief. "...It is important to remember that everyone experiences grief differently and that it’s a normal, human reaction to the loss of a person. It is common and reasonable to experience anxiety, stress, sadness, regret, anger or isolation as part of the grieving process."



 There is help with Grief, and not just around the holidays; R-T! does what it does best - research!  We are sharing this information in hopes that it helps someone else.







A Growing Issue - Needing Solutions

B. SHAKOOR, Staff Writer

     Research closer to Rick Bender's home state of Michigan, provided statistics such as a drop in homeless people, "An estimated 66,483 people were homeless in Michigan in 2016, but that's down 9 percent from 2014, according to a report released today by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority." [Updated Oct 5, 2017; Posted Oct 5, 2017]
     According to this research, "One reason that homelessness is decreasing: Healthy Michigan, the state's Medicaid expansion program, is making it much easier to provide health-care services that address underlying issues that can lead to homelessness..." Examples taken would be: 'About two-thirds of homeless persons have a mental illness, a third have a physical disability and an estimated 29 percent have a substance-abuse issue', the report said.




While circumstances can vary, one of the main reasons people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford.

This reason alone has more families finding themselves homeless in a matter of months, leaving children to become a statistic as another 'child on the streets'.

A news report released in April, 2017 notated Michigan ranked 6th among states for the most homeless students. This troubling report continued, "The University of Michigan released a study this week showing more than 36,000 children in Michigan public schools are facing homelessness and/or housing insecurity..."


So, if you're like me, you're asking: "Where's the HELP? WHO'S HELPING?" But stop and ask yourself, What Am I doing to help end homelessness?

  I asked myself this once - more than 20 years ago in Atlanta while doing an expose on the issue.  It was then, I decided to be a part of a Solution, not a Problem... ~Ronyae


The cause is a good one to support, but of course we needed more information on Rick's quest. His first mention was of gratitude... His gratitude to those that were a very important part of his quest, they shared his mission and he showed no hesitation in making to sure to appreciate: If it's possible,  I  would like to include the names of the  F.L.Y.  Family: F.L.Y.,  S1RREAL,  FRANK  MACK,  MARI  SOUL,  DIRTY DOC MCCURDDY,  TRACKSMIFF,  TESSA HORON, JENNIFER  BENDER.  I  COULD  NEVER  DO  WHAT  I  DO  WITHOUT  THEM!!!

His mission: simple to him.  We arranged Rick's interview a little different than our usual platform, because we would like to have Rick's quest featured on our podcast. The only question we faced him with was what we all want to know: What Are Your Plans? What Have You [been] Doing?  And of course, Rick didn't hesitate to give his response:


MY  PLAN  is  to:  contact  the  MAYORS  of the  MAJOR  CITIES  in  Michigan,  such as Detroit,  Flint, Grand Rapids, Warren, Dearborn, etc.  
[We] come  up  with  a  way  to  purchase  homes  that  have  been  ABANDONED  for  3  years  or  more...  Also schools, KMarts,  etc.  
Then, we  contract  the  workers  to  TRANSFORM  these  places  into  LIVABLE  CONDITION.  now  we  APPROACH  EVERY  HOMELESS  PERSON  we  come  across  and  TRY  to  get  them  into  these  NEW  homes!!! 
     We  are continuously accepting donations  to  buy clothes, food, shoes, etc.  we  get  MEDICAL  HELP  for  those  that  NEED  it.  
Once  we  have  people  off  the  STREET,  we  go  to  our  SECOND  PHASE - which  is  TEACHING  them  SKILLS  to  find jobs.  As  complexed  as it  sounds,  it  REALLY  is  SIMPLE - once  we  get  the  BALL  ROLLING.  We  will seek State Assisted funds because the greatest resource  Michigan  has,  is  its  people!
After  we  take care of  Michigan,  NATURALLY  we  will seek  to  END  HOMELESSNESS  in  AMERICA...  I  have  great people doing outstanding work  in  San  Diego!
            BUT  WE  MUST  TAKE  CARE  of  HOME,  FIRST!.. !!!


I may not be a Man on a Mission like Mr. Rick Bender - and I [we] support his efforts, in any manner capable. 

As part of that support, we'll also have Rick's FULL QUEST TO END HOMELESSNESS on our podcast QW3N'S ROYAL TALK! Be sure to subscribe for notifications of episodes.


If your concern to be more of a solution is more than being a problem, and you wish to have more information on homelessness &/ how to support any causes, please visit these links: (we have not fact-checked any links, use at your own risk) ; ; ;










     Every October, individuals from the across the nation – and around the world – unite in a campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying. The goal: encourage communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by increasing awareness of the prevalence and impact of bullying on all children of all ages.

Every day thousands of young people experience bullying from their peers while at school, after school in their neighborhoods, and even when they are at home, through social media and texts. There are many ways to support bullying prevention as an individual or with friends and family, and within your school or community.

Founded by PACER's [Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights] National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006, National Bullying Awareness Month was initially held the first week in October, the event was expanded in 2010 to the entire month. Historically, bullying had been viewed as “a childhood rite of passage” that “made kids tougher,” but the reality has always been that bullying can leave devastating and often long-term effects such as a loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression for those involved. PACER reached out to the community through partnerships with education-based organizations such as the National PTA, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association to provide schools, parents and students with the educational resources and support to better respond to bullying behavior. The National Bullying Prevention Center laid the groundwork so that National Bullying Prevention Month is now a nationwide call to action around educating communities as to their roles in bullying prevention. This initiative has helped shift thinking away from bullying as “rite of passage” and toward the knowledge that bullying can be prevented and stopped through education and awareness.

When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. 

Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.




     Research for cyberbullying on the official website,, provided a definition: “What is Cyberbullying?” is one of the most frequent questions we are asked because many know what it is when it happens, but have trouble wrapping succinct descriptive words around it. Formally, we define it as “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices” (from Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying). We developed this definition because it is simple, concise, and reasonably comprehensive and it captures the most important elements.

You can view the elements here.

Tackling this issue has been a long and hard journey: There are two primary challenges today that make it difficult to prevent cyberbullying. First, even though this problem has been around for well over a decade, some people still don’t see the harm associated with it. The other challenge relates to who is willing to step up and take responsibility for responding to inappropriate use of technology.  Most people may look at the parents within this specific challenge, but it's not ENTIRELY up to the parents - the child must also know how to respond to such activity.

According to the cyberbullying site, a youth can take steps to assist with cyberbullying, and how they can try to prevent it from happening to them. The site states, "First and foremost, youth should develop a relationship with an adult they trust (a parent, teacher, or someone else) so they can talk about any experiences they have online (or off) that make them upset or uncomfortable. If possible, teens should ignore minor teasing or name calling, and not respond to the bully as that might simply make the problem continue. They should also use the account and privacy settings within each device, app, or network to control who can contact and interact with them, and who can read their online content. This can significantly reduce their victimization risk."

Law enforcement officers also have a role in preventing and responding to cyberbullying. To begin, they need to be aware of ever-evolving state and local laws concerning online behaviors, and equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to intervene as necessary.

If you're like us, and wanted to know why the color Orange was chosen for this cause, here's a quote: ORANGE provides a powerful, visually compelling expression of solidarity,” said Paula Goldberg, Executive Director of PACER Center.

So, let's don our Orange, and take part in the movement to STOPY BULLYING OF ANY KIND!







      According to further research, your point of view and it’s effect on outcomes is major. A simple, poignant quote for Odyssey supports this, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
This quote suggests “cause-and-effect”, and seems simple enough. Author of the article, Martha Knutson states, “How we see something becomes the truth in our lives...” Of course this apparent cause-and-effect can be positive or negative, but persuades a more positive outlook.
As many of us know, it’s not always easy to have a positive view, especially when your situation is filled with ‘hell’: no positivism. You may see this instance with marriages, and domestic violence situations.
It’s easy to say an abused wife should ‘look’ for brighter days, or just leave, but every positive change is met with more abuse and violence, or even death.
There are many help venues with details on reasons a victim might stay in an abusive situation, and the positive POVs these victims take on are mainly focused on ‘things may get better’ or ‘I have to be positive for the children ‘. This is an example of a situation changing your POV... You started with positive, but was forced into negativity.
Having a positive outlook for the situation doesn’t always workout, but there are avenues to test so that your POV creates a more positive outcome; an assertive, but non-combative approach to your situation may help. That is, if you feel ‘trapped’.
In either instances, whether your POV changed an outcome or a situation changed your POV, it’s not rocket science knowing that keeping a positive POV wins in the end.






     Just hearing/reading the words "Repairing America", one would immediately imagine its infrastructure. This would be the crumbling foundations of roads, highways, avenues and city streets. Of course this is just ONE instance or example of a needed repair.  There's also the social and political stance on America's deteriorating structure and balance.

Like a house, the structural balance is mandatory - necessary to stand erect. If there is the slighest imbalance or weakness within the foundation of a house, it's a critical impairment for the house to stand. Some repairs may be small as replacing weakened boards that support the entire infrastructure.  Then, there may be major repairs needed to restore what may have been worn out over time.

America's "problems" cannot be repaired with minor changes or 'touch-ups', there's a major rehabilitation needed.

Let's imagine you're POTUS, what would be your executive decisions to "REPAIR AMERICA"? Join this month's blog on the topic.






     The Founding Fathers, signers of the Declaration of Independence -  "[The Founding Fathers] committed treason to declare our independence. They fought a war and won a revolution to create a sovereign nation built on the ideals of liberty and democracy... "  established expectations for America standing on declarations for a progressive, and unified Nation.

This declared foundation, once strong with ambition and mighty in democracy seems to have crumbled through the decades; foundations for 'Liberty and Justice For ALL' had cracks forming before generations even started... Could this course of America's History have set us up for doom from the start?
Research on this topic regarding our 'First Constitution', Articles of Confederation states, "This system quickly crippled the new nation's economic strength and proved untenable." ...sounds familiar?

Not even nine years later, the AoC had to go. "Thus, the following year, Congress invoked an assembly, authorizing representatives of the Constitutional Convention to address the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation." Our newly independent nation was already seeing adversaties with their new declaration... "On the high seas, pirates disrupted trade patterns. Domestically, some states quarrelled over land boundaries and levied duties on goods from neighboring states. Others minted their own currency, which only raised inflation. There were also several uprisings by disgruntled citizens."

Now, we had The Constitution...


According to R-T!'s research, "The official purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was to propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation..." Several notable American citizens contributed, and... "Together, these men sought to preserve and strengthen the young Republic, forestall anarchy, ensure security of life and property against dangerous uprisings, create a political structure that would endure, and design a firm, dignified, strong, and respected government that would be recognized by countries abroad." But this newly designed 'Constitution' wasn't accepted so easily, "When the Constitution was presented to the individual states, the founding fathers claimed that the Constitution was not an amendment to the Articles of Confederation, since it established a completely new form of government..."
"Thus, the many compromises of the delegates and individual states to a common ground for the welfare of the entire country allowed the convention to accomplish and reach its constitutional vision. Today, the United States Constitution is the oldest, written constitution that has continuously remained in effect in the world."

After all of their good intentions, the Founding Fathers are probably crumbling as Mt. Rushmore deteriorates under probable results of their failing American dream. The foundations built with prosperity for ALL people, and well being of a Nation have slowly dissipated over the course of our history.

          MENDINGamerica2            police_coruption

Generations of abuse ( ) to a democracy are prevalent as we see decades of abuse to even the most common article: FREEDOM OF SPEECH... Where's that, America?

Just like unhealthy habits, these abuses against The Constitution are 'killing' our America just like our bodies. So, what do you do when your body isn't properly functioning?... Right, America needs ymptons diagnosed, and a cure - and fast!







LISA S, Staff Writer

     Dads, Fathers... it's time to tell the world: "Time's UP!"  No longer settling for second best when it comes to national recognition.  It's no secret Mother's Day is nearly at the top of holiday lists with Christmas and Easter (i.e. [church-goers] only visit on (C-M-E) Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter.  But what about Father's Day? Do fathers not worship like mothers? Could sports have anything to do with it?.. it shouldn't, because football happens during the winter season (am I being biased as well as society??? [ooops])

Well, of R-T! dig some research to see how America feels about the situation.  Of course, we're sharing it all with our readers!  READ MORE...





     Americans are not strangers to having different views when it comes to politics, [that's why we have two political parties] and ways of supporting their sides of view. Somehow, this recent election and its results have separated our nation in ways it seems only a miracle can repair. The violence erupting from opinionated views, crimes against our children, and corruption in places an average American has nothing BUT a glimpse into are far beyond something simple.

The unrest - a disappointment, protests and unruly citizens are a pure example from the rallys during election time... which have continued throughout this presidential term.

This unrest has extended across continents since our most recent election, where many [foreigners] are against the 45th President. Media reports on protests against the American Commander-in-Chief were headlining all outlets during and after the election.
The peace - seems non-existent as twilight tweets from the Commander-in-Chief fill social media threads as if he's spending all his time on a porcelain-glazed seat. These bursts of ego-laced bravado has it's multitude of supporters and protestors, all clamming to get their view across. But some just feel the need to release exasperation of the nonsense filling their newsfeeds.
Needless to say, many of the voters are now regretting their choices - rather they had been out of pure loyalty to a particular political party, a joke, or even a slight belief in the election jarma mixed in with promises they had been flooded with during election time. By the time the newly elected Commander had been in office for 100 days, the polls were proof of the disappointment.



The voters are not alone - many of the recent administation staff has either been fired or just quit. Could this be a sign of yet another failure to the Trump Legacy?
Continued unrest - the newly elected Commander-in-Chief is reportedly headed towards investigations. Not for ONE scandal, but two at the moment: an alleged porn star fiasco, and a russia-affiliated scandal surrounding this past election.

Along with personal scandals, midnight toilet tweets and a wind-allergic hairstyle, this Commander-in-Chief has views that have turned our society into an uproar: gun-toting renegades are taking the priviledges of NRA association to a level that may just destroy the greatest years of boyhood for Alabamian young men; Muslim-Americans or anyone wearing a turban-styled head gear are targets of cruelty without morals; and hidden racists are running wild in the streets of every big city and small town from Canada to the Islands.

There are so many areas of destruction, where do we start repairing first? How can we find peace in so much unrest?
You can sound off on your opinions of the state of America under this elected official, or your thoughts on any way for peace in our monthly blog.







DISTRACTED DRIVING hand logo with words1






TAKE THE PLEDGE! As our annual support, we feature information on Distracted Driving for our readers. SEE MORE...






cure for CABIN FEVER logo


Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)
A mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time every year.

Very common: More than 3 million US cases per year
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Medium-term: resolves within months
- Usually self-diagnosable
- Lab tests or imaging not required

Learn more at

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


                                                    CABIN FEVER Cover IMG 


















st patrick2

Many of us have always grabbed the greenest clothing item, or accessory we have for St. Patrick's Day - and we may be wearing the wrong color!

After wondering why we wear or affiliate the day with the color green, it's needless to say shocked was the result of discovering the initial color for the day was blue.  The search lead to valuable information on the Irish holiday, and its namesake Saint Patrick. Click his image above for TIME Magazine's article. BE SURE TO PLAY THE GAME TO WIN $100 COUPON!


TIME article IMG st pattys day facts








IT'S kind of sad to see - as a nation - we are yet to overcome racism.

It's even more strange to see people younger than 80 years of age filled with hate for no reason.

With that being said, is it safe to say this type of hatred is "taught"? 


Speaking on racism being 'taught', there seems to be some type of learning going on when we see situations of this happening after all of the years, and wars.

Recently, an event was held in Florida and a black man made a statement against racism. The statement was heard around the world, and especially by the white supremecist he had encountered on that day.  Click the image below for the full story.

H8conquer_Dby_LOVE    After viewing the news coverage, it's clear to see if anything can conquer hate, it's LOVE... and that's what LOVE HAS TO DO WITH IT! Learn and Practice sharing Love.







We took the loss, but we also have to 'keep moving forward'.

Just like the year moved forward to another 365 more days, we must do so with our lives.

To offer some sort of assistance with this journey, R-T! shares tips on moving forward, in a positive and productive way.



winter cleaning checklist and free printable         Winter Home Cleaning Checklist

 Winter Cleaning promotes healthy homes,







so long partner giphy

      A New Year is approaching - and, fast!  So, there's no time to linger on 2017s woes.  The year 2018 may just bring something better for us all!

Perhaps our Government ...(maybe not a good chance of hope, here). But there IS hope... for us all.

May the upcoming year bring many great things to your life!






IMG 1161

Helping Out Musical Endeavors has always been on the forefront of #ROYALTALK! Mag; we love showcasing XtraOrdinary Talents and Gifts of Everyday People!

There are many outlets shining light on celebrities - but why? They're ALREADY in the light. So at the round tables of #ROYALTALK!, we like focusing on the hidden gems in the world. Sure R-T! Mag goes worldwide with coverage and its readers, but we love when we return to our families and are able to meet new aspiring artists, to share with you - our most appreciated readers!



BIG 10



L et's talk a little on what we know for sure about "10; ten" first:

We have ten fingers and toes. Check.

Our number scale is based on "10"...

...and so much more of our lives revolve around "this MAGICAL number [ten]".

Research on the number gave insight in categories of scientific to biblical, and back to an era of time when measurement tools were bones. It was stated, Number ten symbolizes the completion of a cycle; it's relation to our existence runs deep as you see here on this site.





 Image result for children and current events

As parents, you are the main source of knowledge for your children; a child will generally get most of their information starting at home, because it IS one of the first places they're learning.

The learning our children get from home is very crucial - they see and learn from you.  Your actions towards and reactions to social issues, historical events, and local/family issues are being watched by your children.

R-T! loves the youth - they ARE our Future, and we wanted to view the ['professionals'] responses on the matter.

So, you know what comes next (smile), research results to share!

Here are a few links we found on keeping your child current; please share:





STAY ON TOP: Check your child's knowledge of current events; listen for any signs that a discussion may be needed; but, be sure to stay objective to avoid persuading the child's perception of the truth. ...IT'S ONLY FAIR!








IMG 1040








breaking chains thumbnail







  photo display-how-scary-texting-while-driving-can-be-texting-while-driving-D4defD-clipart_zpsr2ipl6hl.jpg


It's National Distracted Driving Awarness Month! What's important? Saving your life and others, or texting and driving. Lets put down the phones and pay attention to the road. Royal-Talk join its annual partner on this subject. READ MORE...

 Shared by Kathleen


ROYAL-TALK! e-Zine Logo.(c)2006.13 photo 3ed60de4-167f-4d0b-8615-204ca396a585_zps090d322c.jpg







 photo ROYAL BDAY1b_zpskqngmivh.jpg

OUR BEGINNING: A small group of Extraordinary, ordinary people blogging and
creating a social group of ROYALTY! Being that majority of us worked and had
careers in services: we were providing Royalty across the globe - and it felt
awesome! So awesome that we wanted to reach out even more:
hence, ROYAL-TALK! eZine.
OUR JOURNEYS: As our missions increased, legalities took place, and our Parent
Company came to life as Royalty Publishing LC; under the umbrella of RPLC, our
mission exceeded in many areas of creativity.
RPLC and ROYAL-TALK! eZine combined, offered a worldwide showcase for showcasing
talents, services, and expertise among a universe of Extraordinary Everyday
We gained so many ROYAL Family and Friends over the years, and the relationships
that have grown from our ROYAL events and community fundraisers - will last a
OUR FUTURE: The future is awaited - and with glee! There are great things in
store for the futures of our authors, artists, and columnists; all these
creative hearts had a ROYAL start, part, and/or support - and this, will move
forward as our ROYAL endeavors take flight... for more years to come!
I want to take this time to THANK ALL OF YOU! I Love you at the depths of my
heart, for the support and gratefulness you've shown - and let's continue to
keep it #ROYAL!

 Spring Cleaning:


 photo 0320_zpsoev6uuhs.png


It's a common activity many do without noticing: keeping our emails, contacts and/or device storage from years ago. Oftentimes, we are forced to clear storage on our devices because we're not able to take photos - SHAME ON YOU!

Here's a quick challenge to help you get started on Spring Cleaning your digital life: Go through your phone, start deleting all the deceased people first (we know you want to hold on to them, you hoarder, but you MUST LET GO!); now, delete the contacts' number(s) that they no longer have (they won't be using it anymore, so WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE IT?); after the contacts, go to your calendar and do the same for events that will no longer be happening. This also applies to your email (poor cluttered mailboxes!).
You'll be so surprised at the extra space you'll have on your devices after
Spring Cleaning - and now, you have more space for all your fun Summer photos,
contacts, and events! Try challenging yourself every month, until it becomes a habit; you can thank R-T! later (smile).


Change is the only constant we have, other than our connection to each other as living, breathing humans. And as long as we focus on the things that divide us rather than the things that bind us, we will not be reaching our full potential as humans or citizens of this country. While some of us may feel more excited and some more scared, we are all united in our hope for our brighter tomorrow. But unless we act, hope is all it will ever be.

Moments of major change are also moments of great opportunity. No matter what side of the line we’re on, this changing of the guard is a chance to effect positive change and to offer the people around us more generosity, kindness, and patience. But we have to take action.



 photo beWellBUZZ_Logo1_zpsrfoxzggk.jpg


We are at the precipice of an enormous opportunity. We can either use this as an excuse to spread hate, judgment, and divisiveness, or as a chance to spread love, hope, and joy.

Continuing to love no matter what isn’t easy, but it’s always worthwhile.






Restart With The New Year, Change When Needed

     But why start [New Year] then?.. to acheive a certain weight, size, rank, style, fashion, or any other acheivement you make a resolution for; why wait until a specific time, when you have a choice to CHANGE - at ANY MOMENT? Let's look at a definition for resolution :


 photo IMG_4158_zpsywwhh9nj.png

     Per definition, a resolution (n.) is a firm decision for change; (v.) is a solution to a problem.


I want to take a quick moment to ask of those who have made resolutions:

     [Is ] what you are 'changing', a "problem" ?


Our celebrated New Year comes every turn of a year - and with the same economical and social discrepencies from the year(s) before...  (in only - [these] could reset with the restart of each year...)

The year restarts without a "choice" of any---, nor force, yet so many weigh heavily on this day to [want to] change; as if the new year magically provides something better in life.

Read more about the history of New year's Resolutions.

Being human grants us free will to "restart" at any given moment - and without force. So, why start for the new year, when you can start anywhere on the calendar and/or clock!

     "Don't Wait, To Stop" -WBR(c)2017







 photo background_zpsf02feb17.jpg

Pam Harris, CT -
I love spending time with family! We all have grown up and moved to many different states, and two are out of the country. Every year we come home to be with our grandma, because she is all we have! Happy Holidays #ROYALTALK!

Jayme, FL -
I like the snow thingy my auntie gives me every year and cooking for Santa!
Timme, FL -
The presents duh!

Tomasa Harris, WA -
I'm not big on holidays, but I love the friendliness of everybody around this time.

Chelle, NC -
It's not just my birthday why I love this season, it's so much more! Especially, the snow!

Horan, PA -
I love everything! From the snow, the holidays, the cheer and gifts, to the days off of work! Merry Christmas everybody! Thanks #ROYALTALK!

Lindsay, MO -
I love to cook for my family. Their quietness around the table is PRICELESS! Happy Holidays QWEN! #ROYALTY

Jesus, OH -
Because of my name. Merry Christmas QWEN BE BLESSED.

A.M.Y., NY -
We love our customers, especially RPLC! Happy Holidays to everyone!


 photo WINTWR_zps8f657b29.jpg

 More submissions are being shared through video messages; click the image above to Subscribe to our YouTube account, and catch the entries as they arrive!




 photo BLOOD1_zpsvd87f85j.jpg

Eat Hearty, but Eat Healthy Given this history, people with O blood group need animal protein to maintain good health, along with vegetables and fruits. However, Seafood and sea kelp are a good source of iodine which is an essential requirement for O type people as these people tend to suffer from a sluggish metabolism and low thyroid. A diet well supplemented with iodine rich foods are good for them. O blood type people benefit from exercise, lots of it. Aerobics, jogging, power walking, and weight training is best for them. The more they work out, the better they will be health wise. Get moving, burn the fat, and sweat it out and get rid of stress and depression while you are at it too. Type O’s should clear their kitchen of anything that contains: White or Wheat flour Corn Starch Coconut Dairy Ham, Pork and Bacon Vegetables soaked in Vinegar e.g. Pickles Beans, and Grains Oranges O Blood type Vegetarians Not everyone is a meat eater. Today a lot of people opt for vegetarian food for myriad reasons like a religious requirement or some digestive issues or then those who simply cannot handle meat. Some foods that vegetarians can eat safely are: Walnuts Leafy Green Vegetables Rice Sweet Potatoes Sparkling Water Berries Seeded Fruits Like Apples and Pears

Eat Hearty, but Eat Healthy

Given this history, people with O blood group need animal protein to maintain good health, along with vegetables and fruits. However, Seafood and sea kelp are a good source of iodine which is an essential requirement for O type people as these people tend to suffer  from a sluggish metabolism and low thyroid. A diet well supplemented with iodine rich foods are good for them. O blood type people benefit from exercise, lots of it. Aerobics, jogging, power walking, and weight training is best for them. The more they work out, the better they will be health wise. Get moving, burn the fat, and sweat it out and get rid of stress and depression while you are at it too.

Type O’s should clear their kitchen of anything that contains:

  • White or Wheat flour
  • Corn Starch
  • Coconut
  • Dairy
  • Ham, Pork and Bacon
  • Vegetables soaked in Vinegar e.g. Pickles
  • Beans, and Grains
  • Oranges


O Blood type Vegetarians

Not everyone is a meat eater. Today a lot of people opt for vegetarian food for myriad reasons like a religious requirement or some digestive issues or then those who simply cannot handle meat.

Some foods that vegetarians can eat safely are:

  • Walnuts
  • Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Sparkling Water
  • Berries
  • Seeded Fruits Like Apples and Pears

This article was shared from

If you would like to know your blood type, there are several ways of finding out. Click this link for more info: ; you can also use the HSA.



 photo november1_zpsmjzemhil.jpgVOTE

 As a child growing up in America, I remember being excited about elections and couldn't wait to be able to cast my vote. The nostalgia surrounding being a black American, with the [privilege] to vote - after so many struggles and murders of our native descendants, was nearly breathtaking. It was also life changing - every time. (I'm smiling here)
As years have passed, elections and the processes affiliated with them have changed before our very eyes. Promos have went from reasonable insights to help the vote lean a certain way, to propaganda dragging each opponent through the mud.


 photo VOTING1_zpsurqj9bye.jpg

During a time when we are at multiple wars (physically and socially) across Nations, among multitudes of people, there is no space for errors. Our Nation needs a leader with a mindset FOR THE PEOPLE - NOT A SPECIFIC DEMOGRAPHIC!
Keeping in mind of how much our descendants endured to ensure a right to take part in a life changing experience, it should be NO EXCUSES for NOT EXERCISING THIS RIGHT! "Do your part for the solution, unless you are a part of the problem"




 photo image_zpstkpf9pki.jpeg


BALANCE. If you don't know the definition, it's suggested that you find a dictionary - and quick!
Everything about our existence involves balance: from our bodies, to the things surrounding us.
And this, people, IS the "reality "... two forces creating a balance, to create a type of 'wholeness'.
For example, a battery has both, negative and positive charges to work.
Our entire existence is consumed by balance.
So, why are people fighting the reality of the balance? Knowing that wherever they go, all things will keep a balance.
We often see a balance of reality being tested when parents [neglect] take family for granted while chasing goals; may it be business or personal - maybe even both. But the reality of it is: when one's main focus is on ONE [thing], SOMEthing ELSE is being neglected.
This is not to say anything negative to the balance, or about this balance in our realities. The focus is to bring a bit of light on keeping and maintaining this balance, to survive our realities. {N'Hopes that it does} ~Ronyae






Modern Day Lynching


RONYAE, Staff Writer

     For centuries, the ability to live peacefully and productively was a determined struggle.
Descendants of many, fought hard - some even losing lives - to accomplish what we have (without mention) today:
    ...  ...  ...

For every [fought for] freedom we are to have, it is either barely achieved, or disregarded.
But what makes it worse, are those who don't appreciate that freedom. 


 photo 25ofINTERNET_zpsqxjaawli.jpg


Examples of this can possibly be our current election; recent crimes; corrupt official agencies, and, the list could go on.
Wars have taken various faces, and having modern technology strengthen the weapons. Lives can be destroyed by the push of a button.

Today, wars against the freedoms America was built on, and those commonly shared with other countries are creating a noose around our societies.
Assaults on individuals for being just that: individuals.
A form of punishment because you can't be "controlled"... A hanging like our history has told of - a system deemed to maintain [peace and productivity] the American Dream.  The main stage for much of this punishment happens online - the brave mavado people get behind a person-less screen, and keyboard... judging beyond any educated magistrate may comprehend.
But, as long as we as FREE individuals,use that FREEDOM to do more just and righteousness, rather than hate and hurt - it's possible to "LOOSE THE NOOSE!"  Join us on the ROYAL BLAWGHz, discussing "Freedoms We Have, But Aren't FREE"; what's yours? Share your #ROYALTALK!





 photo Canada_regions_map_zpsdevdl1du.png


     B ordering the entire northern area of the United States, and in some places - just a road's width away, Canada's lifestyle can seem like a 180-degree change from the United States of America: the residents talk much differently (using the 'old' English language); the currency is much different than the American dollar; and majority of the enforcement regimen travel on horseback... but, even with those prominent differences, Canada has its troubles like the rest of the world: crime, scandals, and mouth-dropping residential shenanigans.

Knowing that beyond Canada's pristine image for being good-natured, we knew all Canadians weren't such good neighbors - and R-T! set out to find the dirt. This report isn't to shine a negative light on Canada, but to enlighten us on how this world is filled with good and bad - and although Canada has its share of both, it focuses on preserving the GOOD. (Something we all need to focus on striving toward - as a nation)

While digging, we were lead to a website holding news for various areas in Canada.  We were shocked at the vast amount of crime and civil suits happening.  The good neighbor face had drooped, as residents committed crimes after crimes against their fellow Canadians - they weren't ANY better, they were handling these issues "better".  America handles many issues on its face of being a democratic nation.  But is that always suitable for EVERY issue?

We kept digging for more differences on Canada and the U.S.  The digging pulled up a very interesting share, Why Canadians Think Americans Are Idiots.  Imagine running across that!  For such labeled people as being "submissive, and good-natured", how could they ever think anything negative, you ask?  Well, they have a few opinions they have shared... but they aren't [that] harsh.

In light of support for our Good Neighbours in the North, we would like to help celebrate Canada Day, which is July 1st.  After receiving the knowledge on this special day, it was a light bulb moment - that Canada's birthday is in the same month as America's... Hmmm. [Independence is in the air!]



 photo EyesOnTheRoad_zpsbrrcfewp.jpg


    I, alongside the EducatorLabs team, have been teaching about driving safety long before the problem amassed to what it is today. The CDC estimates that over a thousand people are injured every day in accidents as the result of distracted driving. Let’s put an end to this frightening epidemic.

Share these resources, please, to encourage everyone to keep their eyes and ears on the road so that we can all get to our destinations safely.     -Jasmine


If it feels like you’re often driving next to motorists whose mind is focused on anything but the road, you’re right.

After a near-collision last week with someone who appearedto be texting behind the wheel, I did some research and came across the following resources:

Distracted Drivers Feel Addicted to Technology Behind the Wheel
There is a very disturbing reason we feel the need to use our phones when we’re behind the wheel – we have become so addicted to technology that we depend on it even when we know it’s dangerous to do so.

Hands-free Devices Distract Drivers for 27 Seconds After Use
Although those of us who enable hands-free devices in our vehicles have the best intentions, these gadgets don’t make us immune to being distracted and putting ourselves, and others in harm’s way.

Road Rules for Little Passengers
Our little ones can be a source of distraction while driving if we don’t exercise extreme caution while they’re in the car. Help to ensure that your children travel safely with these important tips.
How to Keep Your DogSafe in the Car
I frequently travel with my dog in the front seat. I never realized how this is not only an unsafe practice for my dog, but is also a constant source of distraction for me even on quick trips!
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
This deadly issue has become so prevalent that the National Safety Council has named April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
Drugged Driving Prevention: Intervention Techniques to KeepThem Out of the Driver's Seat
Driving under the influence of drugs is more prevalent than ever, and to say that driving under the influence of drugs decreases our ability to be alert is a huge understatement. This informative guide offers an action plan for anyone concerned their loved ones are involving themselves in this dangerous practice. 

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 Before I start my rant, I must defend myself by stating that I have not had an Online Shopping 101 course; my [typically] forced online shopping came with ordering supplies from Walmart, Staples or Office Depot/Max. I'm not ashamed to say that it NEVER went too far from that (other than the occasional Hungry Howies order).

After my original plan to have my wedding dress custom made fell through, the only solution I could see was to shop online. I didn't go with the first website I clicked, because I had a certain design in mind - no- it was THE design I was going to have, no questions.
Scrolling through the different dresses and websites, I noticed the prices... I would be saving alot of money buying a dress online. I found one, exact design I wanted and a good price. The item could be custom color and sized. I had a winner! I selected options, made specific note on the color and measurements, and hit PURCHASE. I felt good about my first major online shopping experience.
The following day, the company had emailed me, asking for specific color and size (I thought I had just put that in the requested order notes); this should have raised a flag, but it didn't. I DID REALIZE I WAS DEALING WITH A RETAILER [FROM] CHINA. I repeated my specifics, and included photos of what I wanted as the color.
Needless to say, my wedding dress came in a color so far from my choice (and photo), I couldn't wear or use it for ANYTHING! My problem wasn't theirs, even if they were the cause of my problem. was deliberately telling me "Oh well, not our fault!", as the emails replied, "you need better lighting; it is the color you chose; it is the right size; etc."
I even reminded them of their return policy, "if we have made mistake, we will refund price..." Their 'refund' wasn't even the cost of the international fee they charge most banking customers. So, it would look as if I was out my money and my dress.
I'm not one to rollover and accept wrong - and I called the bank!
Not everyone is as lucky as some who are able to have the backup of a bank or credit card company. For those who have been victimized, I sympathize with you. But I hope you have learn a valuable letter like I have, from shopping online - looking for a good deal, and ending up on the wrong end of the money.

I'm sharing this experience to warn every shopper - BEWARE of the companies and retailers online; many may have an US address, but your items are being made, boxed, and shipped from China Peoples Republic! As I became more aware of this issue, I started noticing key points to let me know I'm not only dealing with a foreign retailer, but majority of the online retailers are the same corporation/owners.

KEY POINTS TO NOTICE RETAILERS IN CHINA (Regardless if they have US address) sites:;_ylt3DAwrB8pBX2NBWHFoAQr6JzbkF?p3Dseadressy%20complaints&fr3Dchrf-yff17&fr23Dp%3As%2Cv%3Ai%2Cm%3Apivot&stype3Dweb




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     C an you imagine using peppercorn and barley to pay for something? Well, it was once the only 'form' of "money"; but, can you imagine your government telling you how to spend your money, or how much of it you can 'possess'?

If you can't imagine, then you will have to deal with it anyway - The American Dream isn't just for your benefit, it's for America. It's what [assumingly] keeps the American economy in 'good' standing.

America's economy is based on its citizens; if people are making or have money, they'll spend it - or save it in a financial institution.  Both ways are main examples of growing the America's economy: taxes from sales and use; banks to keep the flow of currency (see links).

Read what your money says: "A note... to pay ALL debts... publicly and privately... But, if you spend [use] a certain amount [notes], you'll be in trouble! Now, how is that for a kicker!?  Let's say you have a [PRIVATE] 'debt' of $15,000, if you use your money for this debt and have no [proof] account of it, you're liable to be guilty of criminal activity - simply by suspicion.

That's where most confusion comes from - the amount of money a person [allowed] spend.

So, what is money?.. It's TO BE SPENT! But, on the other hand, it's something that is meant to grow AMERICA's economy - and nobody else's, so be careful what you spend (and where)!

Would you say America's economic outline was designed by bullies? SHARE YOUR #ROYALTALK!




 R-T!  asked our readers to share their journeys of loving themselves, and to help bridge the gap, their experiences and suggestions are now steps to help YOU move forward!



Green supports harmony, and love; ... photo 1a.GREEN_zpsdyebqers.jpg

                 go green with all that is very personal to you, and matters affecting/will affect your life; don't take a lot of stuff so personal [easily offended], being negative and always involved in 'drama'. Learn to compromise, and/or Let It Go.


 photo 2a.GREEN_zpsmz8xoksq.jpgGREEN - HEALTH

GO GREEN! We all know what this means, and have had to do [it] more times than many: eat your vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. I wouldn't persuade you to eat guacamoule, and I won't choose to (smiley).

 photo 3GREEN_zpsrmrf23gl.jpgGREEN - THOUGHTS

Think Green;...

      photo think-green.USE_zpskyklxkn0.jpg

a mindset that there is more than you, that will be affected by your actions helps while taking this step.

Whatever step(s) you make or take, let it be for the good. GO FORWARD with each, and EVERY STEP! ...May the Force be with you laughing. photo 4GREEN_zpsnkxmgess.jpg




 photo 1F6E423B-EFBE-48D4-8EE3-216DBBA93FD4_zpsxxiqpkdo.jpg

Use those bricks from that wall to bridge the gap to truly loving yourself.


 photo 8335E0BB-C074-4292-B1EC-0A7AA223EFA0_zpsqzqmahto.pngSpirituality
Believe in something; you don't have to be religious to have hope for better days, faith in winning and belief in the unseen.

Physically   photo 474DC6A8-F10C-4595-B253-2B158B9B7C57_zpsoz3qthce.png Did you know an average day of household chores is the most productive form of exercise? (esp. stairs)

 photo F6C9A089-DAB7-4090-95CC-B9BF59E252CB_zpsoyzao0pf.jpg Mentally

Think positive - regardless. Be mindful of others, if you wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to others; PAUSE BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

Personality photo 0FB1F448-533F-4CE0-8E74-A3F443478C59_zpse5ezumfq.jpg

Let go of procrastination; stop taking shortcuts; be responsible and tact - with all matters, not just with things that you like & want to be a part of (if you can be the first one at the club, be early to work and worship; helping others, too.

Professionally    photo 438D7446-5A81-40C1-9641-70227E0C7393_zpskvfmy8yr.jpgGive your customers the service you'll expect; if they're lacking or being negative as CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS, maintain and stay positive PROFESSIONALLY.

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 Learn to UNPLUG - your life doesn't revolve around social media, unless it's your job. Social life and private life are completely different, and should remain separate.

Stop hiding true beauty behind corporate fads and fashions.


Love yourself enough to know you have a choice - "if it doesn't fit, quit". -Ronyae

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DEC 2015




 photo 47A97F7C-2A7C-4A03-8EF3-22AA1F134D56_zpsajuow9ox.jpg

  As we all know, neither one of these STDs are curable, but can be prevented. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), About 50,000 people get infected with HIV each year. In 2010, there were around 47,500 new HIV infections in the United States... and, the numbers are growing.

"Despite twenty-six years of research, activism, and education, the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to affect the lives of millions worldwide..." An article by Ng Elizabeth states.

Taking in consideration of the number of lives this has touched, and the number of years this has taken many are still asking the question: "When will it all end?" But that's not the question we should be asking...

 photo C19A631E-359B-403B-A427-7ACDA8DB5342_zpsonrhcbto.jpg


AIDS/HIV Prevention can be found any- and everywhere; online, at doctors' offices, health departments, and even in your Public Libraries. So access to the knowledge isn't lacking...

What's lacking are the moral decisions sexual individuals are utilizing.

Practicing "Safe Sex" is more than just wearing protection - have enough decency to stay stafe, until you are married; if you cannot stop having multiple partners - STAY SAFE!  Sometimes, our youth are pressured by their peers, media, and rather you recognize it or not - even at home.  This is not a smart start if it's in the home.  But what can start in the home, is preparing and training your child(ren) how to deal with peer pressures.

There is alot to know about sex, rather than the motions and feelings - there is plenty of permanent damage that comes from exchanging bodily fluids. (Let that sink in for a minute, the next time someone looks good [enough] "to eat"; remember: "You are what you eat").

If you have more questions, or need statistics of any STDs, the CDC is the best place to start.  Let's end this year with a newfound respect for others, and start a new year for 2016 to be the beginning of "GIVING LIFE... THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING"!



NOV 2015

Sad numbers, I know. To make the situation even more of a travesty, our Veterans are being pushed against a wall.  According to reports, Senate GOP Obstructionists Throw Veterans Under The Bus-Vote Down Bill To Help Vets In Need Of Jobs (posted 9/23/2012 @ 4:29PM)

So, as a grateful citizen of the United States of America, I’m asking why is it so complicated to [GOP] agree on wanting to preserve the lives of our UNSUNG American Heroes – our American Veterans, who clearly deserve some sort of “gratitude”?


We’ve shed light on our American Vets, but there are many UNSUNG HEROES in our daily lives; take time to appreciate them: pharmacists, nurses, veterinarians, pastors/ministers, DJs, authors, teachers, and even our pets!  Join this month’s ROYAL BLAWHG, to share your hero story, or just give a shout out to your cape-less hero!


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OCT 2015

The research was fruitful, and most stated the same thing: "...Your everyday life is your garden. What you sow into it grows up around you..".  The previous link shared will also give you an opportunity to get 'assistance' with this journey to "Reaping What You Sow" - in Life!

Be Well!

Inna house full of love, u can't help but have veggies that look like this photo 65217_4860309099549_881673879_n.jpg






SEPT 2015

This COMMON SENSE bus has seats for the males, too! Just because the song says treat her like a ["hoe"], doesn't mean all females want to be disrespected. If a male pulled up at my house back in the day playing that vulgar crap, he had less chance of a second date than getting a noise pollution ticket. Common sense is that ability to see how a female wants to be treated in her actions, and if that's bad - you might want to turn and run in another direction... didn't your Grandmother tell you better than that!

See, the reason I'm targeting you - the males and females, is because you're the core to festering social blister. Rather you realize it or not, or even care about any of it, you are the reason behind the "problem". Your support of the songs, gives not only the power of play, but also the life of it. Look at it like this: if you don't purchase/download the songs, there is no money to be made from the songs; if the social bandwagon would stop repeating what the songs are portraying, the fad would stop. The more you promote the sex, violence, crime, and other negativities through your everyday living, the more it will flow out into the mainstream.

COMMON SENSE is, and has been knocking... everytime you sneak to hear, play or dance to such X-rated songs; everytime you feel ashamed, or even bad about the lyrics - enough that you don't repeat them around others. That same COMMON SENSE should open you up to the choice to use the song for what it is - purely entertainment - and, not your lifestyle. Heck, sometimes, maybe even majority of the time, the lifestyles being rapped about (now-a-days) aren't those of the rapper(s)... Let that sink in.

In closing, I want to return to my beginning statement: the downfall of a society is not from rap music (or its culture), it's from those supporting it, and allowing it to create a lifestyle for themselves. Even though, and when COMMON SENSE tells [shows] them otherwise.

 photo School-bus2_zpsbbsktqlc.gif

But, before I go, I have to add the response to the issue cover headline: CATCH YOUR RIDE.. several people expressed everyone wasn't 'able' to get on the COMMON SENSE bus; there are some people who just 'don't have [it]'. What are your thoughts on this, do you agree? Share your #ROYALTALK on the blog. (Click the school bus image above).



AUG 2015

TERRI RENE`: I found one of the best ways to learn, and be successful in the music industry is by listening to words of wisdom from people who have already been there - and made it through. The biggest word is to be HUMBLE and love the gift God has placed upon you. 

     photo B91B8D96-6C5D-40FC-A7C3-5C746F9C1ACD_zpswqi4ahdy.jpg  I have been singing since I was a young girl, but I didn’t realize the talent and my gift of creating or composing [writing] music that I was singing until a year ago.  There were many crossroads in my life. But my greatest accomplishment was winning my battle with cancer - and being able to conceive a child, when the doctors said I wouldn’t. …I am a 14-year cancer survivor. It was hard for me to talk about it because I was scared to even mention the word CANCER, but now I feel I can let my music speak for me and let others know that God had a plan for me to bring the “feel good” music to everyone.

To have a career in the music industry, you have to believe in yourself, have self discipline, listening and respecting anyone who values your worth. My mom, coach, and family says, “You always need a team to be great..."

Putting the tools together to grow your foundation is very important; money helps tremendously, but if you don’t have it your team will raise it. Fundraisers, mini concerts, bake sales and dinners, raffle tickets and even donations are a blessing when you are getting started! READ MORE!



JULY 2015


INDEPENDENCE: Even though we misspelled the word at first, we soon realizedthe mistake...

INDEPENDENCE...? (cont.)

What Are You Celebrating For?

RONYAE, Staff Writer

A Pastor spoke on the celebration and meaning, stating it was considered as "[America] Liberty from oppression..."

To paraphrase, the birth of America, a declaration of Independence was designated for the 4th day of July; celebrations were to be had - and, continued as a remerberance in honor of such a great event.

Over the years, just as some traditions do, the celebrations to HONOR the event have become a commercialized occasion: no one knows why they're celebrating on this special day, and have thus diminished the title established to just calling it the 4th of July.

Take time to learn the history around you, even if you want to dispute it - know it, to judge it; educate our youth on American history - they're going to need it to stay armed with knowledge! What are your thoughts on independence, have you claimed your independence from a certain oppression? Share your comments in this month's ROYAL BLAWHG!     -STAY ROYAL!


JUNE 2015

 photo PrisonBlacks1_zps9rj072jm.jpg


Imprisoned Doesn't Always Mean Incarcerated

RONYAE, Staff Writer


Where's the "Happy" in a falsely incarcerated Father's Day? To be without his children, and not be able to visually and physically enjoy the truest blessing of the day - his children, is a damper on the joyous occasion. Sure, he may get the cards, gifts and visits. But through a heart-wrenching smile, these 'reminders' hurt sometimes more than help... And at other times, they are the only thing to keep a person going - so don't stop showing love!
Imprisoned doesn't always mean incarcerated. There are some Fathers locked down by the shackles of un-appreciation. Not being appreciated nor respected by their children - and oftentimes, because of reactions from their Mothers. JOIN THE ROYAL BLAWHG, and share your opinions, thoughts, and comments on the subject!


MAY 2015

"#Uplifting Families of Prisoners: Our Journey"

 photo safe_image1_zps2a9d2ba5.jpg
Cover Story by RONYAE, Staff Writer

You always 'hear' it, but it doesn't really sink in until you actually have to deal with: "Not everyone is going to feel the same way as you [idea]..." Well, the team of supporters travelling on tour met with this fact face-to-face. It wasn't so much of a disappointment, than a slap in the face. Simply because we had raised our hopes beyond the scale - because we felt it was a dire need in our society. We soon realized not EVERYONE would feel the same... Being introduced to a person whom stood in a light of being an advocate of all things created [God], we found someone completely against supporting inmates of any kind. "The need should be BEFORE they're incarcerated..." is what we were told. The point could be respected, and understood... but... what about--? It's just an eye-opener, and a wake up call to enlighten us. That's why the team ensured ROYAL-TALK! before releasing this information, the rejection was considered as constructive criticism, and the journey to support the efforts of non-profit Heart2Home, and its program continues!




Our nation has seemed to be falling backwards (yes, I said it); world peace that was once fought for is disappearing - and, fast. But like I always say, "pointing a finger at someone/thing else always has three more pointing back at yourself..."

I want to use this month's platform to speak on others in an industry such as myself: the media - the journalistic hounds that MUST KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED. But keeping others informed doesn't always mean creating havoc for the boost of ratings, or destroying a person's image for the sake of awards or recognitions. It's definitely ringing true that money is the root of all evil, but what monies have been spent to pay for the blood that has been spilled by something seen or heard by the media?

As a fellow journalist, I scream THIS MUST STOP! Stop the bullying with the tv cameras and recorders - go back to the truth of journalism: getting the truth! All this nonsense trying to force a point of view on a nation is ripping us apart! Signed, Still Hopeful for a Great Nation.

Happily Enjoying All Relations Throughout ...

home for the holidays animated photo: home for the holidays 52D4AA4.gif



RONYAE, Staff Writer

Since 2008, the Motor City officially claimed a downfall... or was it crying wolf? Hitting the streets to talk to residents proved confusing: "If the city was broke - going into bankruptcy, why was so much 'spending' happening?"

In the midst of this financial crisis, residents grumbled on new official vehicles being purchased, needed road work, political pay raises, and the continuous loss of schools, fire departments, and all the while fearing for their safety as more and more abandoned homes grew up around their neighborhoods.

Now, it's 2014... the city is still spending tax payers' money on what seems to be "un-useful" for its residents: as in new LED street lights. Leaving residents to ask, "why not spend the money on better roadways; more police officers, emergency officials, and even the school system?" Not to mention the national attention the city received after the attempt to solve a water bill crisis... although many fingers pointed in all sort of directions, nothing was changing for the better - but it [plan of action] was outlined to do so.

Bit by bit, and day-by-day, the city is in an attempt to move forward through the storm.

Recently, as part of the plan of action, the city has started auctioning homes; an outside source has partnered to help the water situation, and another philanthropist has stepped in to purchase a large amount of abandonded properties.

Could this be the help The Motor City needs to return to the flourishing city it once was, or is this just a small attempt that will be a band-aid for this seemingly dilapidating turn of events for The "D"?

Share your thoughts!

City of Detroit photo HPIM2149.jpg

 photo th1_zps9f1ffb51.jpg




You once had, but now it's none...


But you don't have to wallow in defeat or loss. Refill, recharge, rebuild, and if that's not working - you know how to tear something down, right? Kinda like starting from scratch. But your life deserves a fresh start, and you don't have to wait until January 1st to do so!

 photo th10_zps052228ec.jpg

Take your [anything] back! Start with health; life choices; life directions... the list goes on for eternity, trust me! Take a flashback of the many "I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that" vows you have whispered to yourself - let alone what you've sworn to a friend or two... [ha ha haaa]. Yes, those lists of "Things To Do". Live them, and check the list off as you go (insert smile here).


I want to challenge a Nation [so to join this 'CHALLENGE FRENZY'] to be the one thing you honestly can use to BETTER YOURSELF: You. Make a list of the Top Ten [THE BIG '10!'] kickstarts to a ROYAL YOU!






Lists can be mental notes, jot downs, journal entries, comments on the ROYAL BLAWHG, or whichever feels ROYAL!


*POWER-SAVING -phones and gadgets usage in dark areas/night; use power saving/night setting


*SELF-SAVING -feed yourself inside and out in a healthy manner [U R wut U eat - whats Ncyd showss OUT]


*STOP WASTING TO SAVE -organize your clutter per priority and usage


*LIFE-SAVING -stay focused, committed and humble


etc. Etc.




JULY, 2014 

Acknowledge and recognize these gadgets are simply tools to enhance, or assist your daily activities, living, and communication - they are NOT, I REPEAT, THEY ARE NOT REPLACEMENTS.  Somehow, I feel I should go more into detail on the term "replacement'; the gadgets are helpful in a manner that they 'replace' [older] more outdated ways/forms of doing things, but they should NOT replace you actually going to visit your grandparents.  Sure, emailing pictures are fast, simple and almost cost-saving.  But who is it really helping if grannies don't have computers, let alone an email...?  Hmmm.  Do you understand a certain angle this article covers?  I'm hoping so!

 photo thL1D5NM2T_zps4091c3b1.jpg

So, with this summer vacation, or holiday trips & events your families participate in, it's a great thing to be able to quickly snapshot, video or record these precious moments to remember forever; an even better advantage is being able to upload them to a cloud storage.

In either case, and in any way - nothing truly matters if the only memories you'll have are from the images and videos, and not from actually participating in the events yourself.

Let the posting and updating wait until the day's events have ended, and you are peacefully in your own surrounding.  In other words, sometimes other people get a bit irritated at you constantly neglecting your surroundings because you're too engrossed into some gadget!  Stop being in such an 'iWorld'(c)RONYAE06, and join the REAL WORLD! 



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JUNE, 2014 

According to a Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of teen deaths are associated with automobiles. Looking for numbers? These were released by the CDC: "In 2010, about 2,700 teens in the United States aged 16–19 were killed and almost 282,000 were treated and released from emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes."


 photo drivingdistractions3_zps3c7094f5.jpg


With these facts, it helps to tip the scale towards my opinion that young drivers are just that: young... in every aspect of the term when it comes to operating a motor vehicle, let alone trying to multitask. But they are not alone when it comes to distracted driving, adults are guilty of it too. While, I'm on an opinionated roll, I'll add that some adults (even if they've been driving for years) aren't good at multitasking. Imagine a person almost causing an accident simply by adverting their attention to change the radio station, or the temperature.
Distracted driving isn't targeted to a certain age, nor limited to gender, race, or beliefs.
The best way to conquer distracted driving, is to avoid it.

 photo drivingdistractions2_zps6091ace6.jpg


MAY, 2014

Just as society has misguidedly persuaded us to label parents ‘refusing’ obligations as being “deadbeats”, I wanted to label females of this sort of nature as “deadbeats”, but according to Wikipedia: “a deadbeat parent is a pejorative term referring to parents of either gender who evades court ordered child support obligations.” … this doesn’t necessarily apply to female parents who have no court orders involved in their “non-participation”. So, this leaves me with a bit of confusion. Do we even acknowledge females who have given up their “entitlement”? Are they Mothers?

Join our monthly blog on the subject…

 photo deadbeatMOMS_zpsafdb27ee.jpg

Of course ROYAL-TALK! had to do what we’re known best for doing, and that’s getting to the facts! Not forgetting our major purpose for this showcasing magazine: to help bridge gaps.

While researching facts for deadbeat moms, helpful information was obtained. There are websites to locate deadbeat parents, nationally. Check this website for your city and state, or one you need to research: . There is also a website to help take action deadbeat moms in particular. Check this website for state-by-state Child Support Laws:

                   photo saavyMOMsilhouette_zps5ac766d0.jpg  photo ModernMOMsilhouette1_zps84246475.jpg  photo MOMholdingbaby1_zps2a49ac3c.jpg  photo MOMwithwalkingchild1_zps5cee772f.jpg

“No child asked to be on this Earth, and to make a one-sided decision to neglect their existence is simply inhuman.” -Ranya as RONYAE



Before the market crash, Ken stated homes were being purchased for $60-75,000, and today some homes are being sold at a mere $10-15,000. But Ken warns, "the prices are going to rise." Of course the fingers are being pointed towards the economy crashing for the down turn of Detroit's real estate market. The fingers may have a point (pun intended), seemingly because the economic problems set off a chain reaction effect - especially due to "bad mortgage dealings".


But, just because the economy has taken a horrible hit, it doesn't have to deter the dreams of many Americans wanting to invest in their futures. According to Ken, property is a tangible asset. He says, "more land, more ownership"... which is something people should want more of!


In an effort to help support those who wish to invest in their futures, and spend their money on something other than name brand clothing, and short-term purchases ROYAL-TALK! will share information to help persuade your investment in tangible property. Nothing feels complete like having spent your money, and being able to see where your money has gone -- and, not only that, but it is something fulfilling to know that you have something to fall back on, if and when you ever need the cash! We cannot stress enough on one word that means so much: INVEST!

When you INVEST in property, it doesn't necessarily mean that you must move out of your present residence; it simply means to invest in property to gain ownership of something tangible, that will generate income in various ways.

Where will you be living?


 photo KEN2whatstreetwillyouliveon_zpscc2c03c2.jpg


After doing some research, and speaking with Ken, ROYAL-TALK! received some helpful info to shed some light on questions you may have.

According to a CNN report, "Home ownership means you no longer pay monthly rent for the roof over your head. You can do what you want with your house (within reason). When you leave, you can sell it to recoup the purchase price and - with any luck - earn a profit too."  You can find important information to help you when deciding to purchase property/real estate, on the website:

Real estate investment has always been a way for people to make money, and it is not uncommon to buy a house or land without any intention of living there. Some people simply buy and hold property, waiting for it to appreciate in value before re-selling it. Having cash for a down payment is the quick and easy way to enter the real estate market.

 photo KENDestroyingblackwealth_zps34e40945.jpg(Shared via website)

ROYAL-TALK! is sharing links to sites with information on what you should know when buying property.  This sites gives you details on the things you should know:

According to Ken, there are websites that cater to your search for this type of investment.  ROYAL-TALK! was able to find a site that will help your search, no matter where you are located.

Don't waste your hard earned income this year... invest in your future!  Start here:

If your resolution for 2014 is all about making the most of your dollars, Tune in to Ken's weekly radio show (starting March 6th), "All About The Benjamins"  Thursday nights, 8-9PM on WHPR/TV33!


 photo KenSingletononWHPRTV33March2014_zpsfcda9a67.jpg 

Starting on March 6!, Thursdays, 8-9P!  (Click his photo to go to WHPR TV33!) 



Of course ROYAL-TALK! loves to dig for something deeper… a search to find out whether the first image of a snow person represents the Fathers that were away fighting a war could be the symbol… or, could this snow person be someone seen coming in from a winter storm - bringing good [tidings]? The curiosity didn’t lead to much positive, other than the spiritual connection of the meaning of the snowman.

 photo snowman55_zpsa2686b8f.jpg

Aside of the dark image renditions researched and found of a snowman’s character, ROYAL-TALK! will continue to keep the positive image of the snowman.

There were no other findings that could give a more definitive description of the history for a snowman.



MARCH, 2014



The life of a career as an artist is simply put by Pronto, "Keep going - NEVER giving UP!" Included in his points, Pronto also suggests having videos to help your career as an artist. But in no fancy language, he warned the death of a career would be a lack of education. Pronto's words come with force and common sense, "If you can't read and write, you can't rap". Adding, "Do good in school"!


Not everyone has a 9-5 job, or a way of making money to support a career as an artist. Especially in the beginning, money is definitely needed. If the budget is small, or near zero, Pronto suggests to try and get an engineer that believes in what you're doing; without an understanding engineer, you're pretty much screwed. A good support system is also needed: what good is having the skills, and nobody to listen, or buy your music? Pronto definitely hit the nail on the head with that. His first performance received more 100 hits online, but Pronto admits the numbers are not always that high, and by his third performance maybe half of that number gave him his props.


Once you've gotten the support, engineering assistance, and the drive (including education) to make a go at being an artist, now you have to make it do what it do! Pronto shared his knowledge on how to build an audience, and stated, "You must know your songs..." and adding, "rock the stage! You have to entertain the crowd; have a stage presence." This is very true, because nobody wants a boring show of somebody standing in one spot like they're in the studio booth.

 photo YUNGPRONTOBullfrg2_zps6d0b8cb1.jpg


Pronto's words of wisdom can become a poster for anyone wanting to be an artist: "Believe in a higher power and GET OUT THERE!" Not forgetting to add the truest fact of them all for success: PROMOTE! His greatest influence would be Big Sean of Detroit.


Pronto balances his life versus business by being stabilized... in other words, he has a J-O-B; being a family man keeps him grounded, and grinding! Pronto says his writing keeps him balanced as well.







The first positive trend would be elctronic miracles of re-connecting with family members, and being able to share special moments and memories with loved ones with distant miles between them. Today, small children can easily show grandparents love via the internet; video and chat messages have nearly become an everyday form of communicating.


The media industry has also taken advantage of the new wave, and are taking news and radio shows to the web. But before we share this issue's feature on Vinny Ricco, radio show anchor at Raw Radio X, ROYAL-TALK! will extend a suggestion to using the internet in a positive way.


This year is coming to an end, and with that - a new one is approaching; take this time of change as an opportunity to make your life tools work for you in a more positive manner. It's okay to send a message or holiday greeting to your family, friends, and loved ones via social networks. But nothing touches the heart like something tangible, that can be physically admired from a nightstand, or a mantle (smile)... or, maybe even from a photo album! If your budget doesn't fit this grand gesture, it's safe to say whatever you [send] could also be an electronic miracle! Happy Holidays from ROYAL-TALK! and the entire Royalty Publishing LC Family! 

Taking part in the new wave of communication is radio show anchor Vinny Ricco of!  Here's his story:

 photo VINNYRICCOSHOW_zps497b3305.jpg

I have been a radio host/co-host for about 2 years, everyone told me I'd be great on the Radio for as long as I can remember.. I actually started because of a big push from my girlfriend/Robin Overmyer... It was always in the back of my mind. I was in bands/Mgt./Promoter for years before this.

The Basic Essentials to be a good radio host is to research and always get your guests names right and be polite and be a GREAT HOST (like me)... The essentials are simple I never get a name right I don't research (I want to know the back story) so I do a sorta behind the music type radio interview and I'm not always polite.

I've been in and around Detroit all my life I've seen them come and go by the thousands, I have had connections with multiple people in all kinds of genres, the company I worked for back in the day, "Detroit Choppers" on the "Motley Crew" reunion about ten yrs ago / my good friend Hugo Ferrara is the lead singer of "Tantric"/I was in the movie 8 Mile along side of Eminem, I've kicked it with the best and the worse.

Well I'm not going to tell anyone a sugar coated story/but the entertainment business is pretty hardcore cut throat business. If you want to be on the radio as a DJ or MC you need to go and learn in some type of school or program, and if you get lucky, and work your ass off, you can pretty much do what you put your mind to.

The life of this game is meeting the coolest and successful people and when you meet them you see that they are just like you and I. The death of this game is not having a thick enough skin to ward off the haters.

As a career you need to have experience with people, tech schooling and life experiences.

To build our audience, we created and passed out flyers, took out ads, and spread the word, but I will tell you we started out with $150....

Words of Wisdom???.... Hmmmm Stay loyal to yourself and your fans, support your fellow hosts, and remember you can not do this by yourself, you need your crew behind you.

My greatest influences are Arthur Pentahallow, Doug Podell, Travis Barker, Steve Boyce from Wildfire Mgt., LLC.

How I balance my life versus business..... my life is my business.

Thank you for the interview we would love to have you on our show real soon, remember big announcement in January, Robin Overmyer and our friend Jennifer (Snowbunnie) won't even tell me yet... but your magazine will be the first to know. 

 photo VINNYnSNOBUNNE_zpsd5272f83.jpg






ROYAL-TALK! asked Sandee, Operating Manager of George's Famous Coney Island in Southwest Detroit, to share her story of what it means to take the pledge of looking out for her parents.  Here's her story:

My name is Sandee; I was born and raised in Detroit.  I work at George's Famous Coneyisland, for my Dad and Mom.

The coney has been here since 1917, but we just got it almost 8 months ago; we have 11 employees. My Dad had alot of jobs before getting the restaurant. He always wanted his own restaurant for a long time; he used to work at his parents' restaurant when he was younger. He's been working at Chryslers Corporation since 1972, and he still works there, now.

I was working at George's Famous Coneyisland, and my Dad and Mom would eat there almost everyday. They really liked the place, and made a good deal to get it.

The perks working for my Dad and Mom are great - I feel like my job is secure, and that's a relief in a time when it's hard to get a job, and keep it.

I don't feel like it's a downfall because when you really want something, you have to work hard to get it and even harder to keep it. We have Facebook: Georges Coneyisland, Instagram: Georges Coneyisland, and twitter: @Georges_Famous.

GEORGES.bldg photo GeorgesConeyIslandNeedEDIT_zpse07ce3c7.jpg


Sandee prides herself in keeping her parents' dream alive, and is working very hard at keeping the business afloat in this hardship-affected economy.  The staff are like family, and the deals are made for the everyday person.

Georges Famous Coneyisland is famous for their $.99 beef coneys; stop by and get yours today!  ASK FOR SANDEE, AND TELL HER YOU SEEN IT IN ROYAL-TALK!

GEORGES.logo photo GEORGESlogo1_zps40f160e5.jpg




Some people are more vulnerable to drinking water contaminants. Immuno-compromised people for example, those with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, someone who has undergone an organ transplant, those with HIV/AIDS, or other immune system disorders, possibly elders, and infants are particularly at risk from infections. People of this description should seek advice about their drinking water from a health care provider.


The Center for Disease Control and Environmental Protection Agency regulations for the appropriate means to lessen this risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and other microbial contaminants can be available through the Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800) 426-4791.

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