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 Who are you? P. Flaco aka Pretti Flaco


What are you (job titles)? Director of Finance for MittenBoy Ent LLC, CEO of R.U.N.E media group, and I’m also in property management.

 Any other responsibilities/obligations? I'm a queen and acts as such, so ones obligations are limitless. I enjoy working with the underdeveloped, or rural/urban communities. I am also a Mother of a 12-year old prince with special needs.

What are you passionate about? Expression not matter the genre and change for improvement, in terms of humanity and societal norms.

What inspires you? Pain and trouble. I specialize in observing problems and resolving them effectively.

Tell us about your family life? I have a small family, immediate? Myself, my son and mother.

Is your life how you imagined it to be as a child? Yes, but only because it was always told me to how, life would be. I live by a code, a set of “old schools rules”, if you will. The revolving nature of life is that nothing is repeated. Observation can prepare you for the boomerang.

Future goals: Continue success in mentoring young woman and changing people’s environments and impacting lives, not only with music and expression but by physical work and education to empower.

Words of wisdom: The Struggle is REAL.

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What would you say to someone struggling with life issues?

Suck it up, open your eyes, and get to work. Energy is not destroyed but transferred, the key is movement.

How do you balance business and personal life? I don’t try to, I accept whatever happens and live one day at a time.

Share your spirituality: I believe in something and don’t frown upon those who disagree.

Do you include spirituality in business?


How important is music to you?

Music and I are on a personal journey, having it, creating it ? All extremely important. Being a star, famous, etc…irrevalant.

How has music touched your life?

It usually saves the day, I have a soundtrack to my life, its keeps me balanced by consistently keeping rhythm, I listen to music when I do everything.

1st introduction to music: My parents and albums. Primarly “Basement Jazz like, Grover Washington, Donald Byrd, etc and Classic R&B. They use to throw a lot of parties and both still have amazing music collections ranging every genre.

Any involvement with music industry?

I am independent currently, I have definitely had “major label interest” Recording in some great studios, like the “Quad”, in New York. Meet a lot of people. But the industry is a little different, however, it has always required a certain amount of money, support, and work ethic. I finally got the money, always had the ethics, now Im working on the support. In label meetings that I’ve had, producing the numbers always killed the deal, but there’s never a doubt about my talent or training as a musician. Stacking my money, I still submit songs as a writer to major labels, you never know if you’ve heard something I wrote or not. Never been a boastful person.

How has music changed? Music hasn’t changed (there’s always been a variety of music, some good, some bad), the audience has. Music is such a popularity contest that it’s not about sound quality. Todays fans support people that are trendy, not talented. So anything can get played by that right “popular” person at that time.

What points would you share with aspiring artists? If you do it for money you’re not an artist, you’re an entertainer. Which is fine, but be great at business to succeed regardless of your lane.

Any hobbies? I love to read and cooking new recipes

Favorite way to relax: In a comfortable bed, doing me

*Thanks for sharing yourself, and "Being a VOICE for a Nation!". -Ronyae*

Pleasure is all mine, P.

Gangster-N-the City




 photo 1SINGLEROSECLOSEUP_zpsebe56c0f.jpg    Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single RoseTM is an award winning poet, spoken word artist, singer, actress and playwright. Author of two self-published poetry collections and a naughty chapbook, she is a staunch advocate of fidelity and integrity.

Rosemarie is a Davenport University graduate, five time National Poetry Award (NPA) nominee, 2010 recipient of the NPA’s New & Upcoming Poet and Poetry Author of the Year awards, three time Who’s Who in Black Detroit honoree, first place and two time honorable mention recipient of the Detroit Writers’ Guild Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry Contest, 2012 SAFE (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment) Ambassador Award recipient,’s 2012 Performance Artist of the Year, Detroit Metro Times’ reader’s choice 2014 Best Local Poet and 2014 Spoken Word Billboard nominee.

Upon entering a slam competition for the first time at the Motown Museum in Detroit, Rosemarie was named Motown Mic-The Spoken Word 2014 Performance Artist of the Year.  In 2011, Rosemarie debuted as an actor inDetroit.  She has since performed both nationally and
internationally in a few amazing productions.  Her works are available worldwide in various anthologies, publications and websites.

Rosemarie also hosts open mic poetry every 1st and 3rd Friday in the Spotlight at Manila Bay Café, 4731 Grand River inDetroit,Michigan.  March 2014 was a month of “firsts” for Rosemarie.  She released two spoken word cds, (Poetic Truth available on iTunes and Straight Up, No Chaser) as well as introduced the characters for her stage play entitled ADDICTION—the full production will hit the stage on Broadway in Detroit this October. 

ONE SINGLE ROSE shared her journey in the entertainment world with ROYAL-TALK!:

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# Years working as this artist
In the second grade many, many moons ago, I won my first poetry contest which provoked a love for poetry.  After a long hiatus from exploring poetry, graduating college and working a 9-5, I almost broke into the music business in 1999, but instead opted to place my songs on paper in poetic form a few years later.  I began writing poems for my first collection in 2005 and was given the pen name One Single Rose while editing a book for a very good friend.  I
then began promoting motivational poetry in 2007 and gave birth to my first baby, One Single Rose . . .

Poetry blossomed from a Rose Core on my birthday in 2009.  My poetic journey began as a literary poet in 2009, but shifted into spoken word the following year.  Five years young from the first time I authored a poetry collection, I have been dubbed an inspirational poet while thriving to be a successful poet, spoken word artist, singer, actress and playwright.  The journey I travel in these artistic genres has been and continues to be amazing.
Basic essentials to be this type of artist
To become a successful poet, spoken word artist, singer, actress and playwright, you must first believe in yourself.  Second, don’t ever tell yourself that you can’t because you most definitely won’t.  Third, your network of supporters and their positive word of mouth will help you to be successful as any type of artist.  Give your best whenever you write or hit the stage.  Know that it’s important that you know when you’re at your best and your worst.  For example, allergy season sends my vocals into a spin, so I try not to take many singing engagements during this time until the allergies are under control.  We’re living in a period of time where technology is at the forefront.  Provide samples of your work on your own website which showcases your talents.  Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will keep you connected to your network of supporters and if used properly, you may gain new fans and opportunities to share your work.    
Type of connection
Poet, spoken word artist, singer, actress and playwright born and raised on the east side of Detroit.  The Spirit of Detroit flows in my songs and has fueled much of what my pen pushes.

Share with those who wish to be this type of artist.
Follow your heart.  Don’t ever give up on you.  Literary poets, don’t be discouraged by rejection letters or emails after submitting your work to anthologies, poetry contests, etc.  One rejection could open the door for acceptance.  Spoken word artists, hone your stage presence and  performance skills on the open mic. Try out new pieces, then take your art on the road.  Singers, your voice is a gift to be shared with the world.  Do that!  Actors, supporting roles can possibly push you forward into becoming a lead actor.  Playwrights, consult with like minds on your projects.  The world is your stage!  
Starting on a budget—how to build an audience
Don’t be afraid to take non-paying gigs as they may lead to high paying performances as
well as build long-standing working relationships.  Support causes that you wholeheartedly believe in—for me that’s breast cancer awareness and prevention, domestic violence prevention, anti-bullying campaigns, building self esteem and uplifting my sisters.  Remember that you are your greatest asset.  Put your best foot forward in whatever you do while striving to bring something different, uniquely you into your projects and performances.  People are also great assets.  Use your supporters as your “managers.”  Give monetary referral bonuses if someone in your network refers you to perform where you get paid.  They may have their ears to the grind about events you know nothing about.  We have to help each other!  Build
your brand by marketing yourself.  Work the room when you’re scheduled to perform.  Pass out business cards, make a promo packet of your goods to give away after your performance.  Also, “save the date” announcements prior to your projects being released are great marketing tools to let people know what to expect from you as you build your audience.
Words of Wisdom
Can’t= won’t.  If you tell yourself what you can’t do, you most definitely won’t do a thing.  The word “can’t” places restrictions and limitations on your existence.  There’s nothing you can’t
do!  Don’t rush into anything.  Remember, everything happens in its time when it’s time.  
How are you balancing life versus business?
I have been living and breathing poetry since I began pushing poems like weights almost five years ago. Poetry has taken control of my life as I follow my poems as I’m led.  When life happens, I incorporate life into the business of penning poetry, writing and singing songs
as well as acting on stage while actors bring my scripts to life.  Mister tells me I need to take some “me time,” but I haven’t known that since my poetic journey began.  I do need to get my feet in sand, SOMEWHERE soon, but that will happen when my poems tell me “it’s time!” 

Thank you for your support of my poetic endeavors
One Single Rose™ Rosemarie
Wilson aka One Single Rose

For more information on One Single RoseTM, please visit




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YCG - YoungCashGettaz has been performing as a group since about the 7th grade, "Since we were about 13 years old..." YCG member Chase the Doe included as he completed the interview.

The struggle has always been an inspiration, but mainly music, we love music - it's an expression that can lift up everyone and bring different people together.

We aspire to go triple diamond, because we feel that we have a natural talent that we bring to the table that has not been heard in a long time, you know that magic sound (but we remain humble - because we just want people to listen).

The basic essentials to be the type of artists YCG are, is just a love for music first and foremost (that's the most important thing) and love all kinds of genres, but wrap it all up and harness it through one genre, and our genre happens to be hiphop but we are open to any genre.

Our talent mainly consist of hip hop, we all are natural artists! Mostly anything artistic, but a couple of us have clothing lines we are running, like "chase-da-doe clothing" and "L.A.U. University" self-made record label which stands for "Loyalty Among Us, we also run our own self made record label "Young Cash Gettaz Muzik Group".

 photo ycg2_zpsrgv3qqyi.jpg

As far as anyone who aspires to be an artist such as YCG -YoungCashGettaz, must know that this music thing is a beautiful thng, but every experience in music isn't. It's great to be standing on stage and the whole crowd's energy is being harnessed through your music, but there are also times that will make you want to quit, and you will only remain if you truly love the music only. ...and hang in there. NEVER GIVE UP, I cant stress that enough...and force these people to hear you. But you must truly love your own music, it's like a newborn baby, you have to raise it from scratch, continue to raise it, and cultivate it into a successful adult.

As far as career needs, if you can afford a full studio, go get it, because if you have one, you record things fresh out of the bed when it is fresh in your head. Besides that, all you need is dedication and hard work, even if you dont have equipment to record. Just be strategic on how you spend your money; make all hit music because it's nothing worse than wasted money.

You should have a budget if you can help it, because you never know when you're going to need something. I would suggest putting something up every week because you never know when something is needed: studio time, a music video, or just a quick mix on a song. If you need either, you will already have a bank to pull from and can get things done efficiently and in a timely manner.

You build an audience by keeping your fans, fam, and friends updated through social media, and videos on a regular basis; set up an email system that does email blasts; give out a little free music every now and then just to let them know you still have it, and eventually people will start to look forward to seeing what you have coming next...this is important; and, also perform to keep your stage presence fresh.

Words of Wisdom: love what you do, stay current (organic), work hard, know what your audience expects, and deliver, most of all - never give up!

Influences: great music, and success.

Business is one of the most important things in music, it kinda determines your level of success, you must stay sharp, and make sure you get your results.

The hype of our industry is talent, and hits.

YCG contact, music pages, and member names: T-Mac, Chase-da-Doe, Boy-Big, Bud, Rome, Casino, Black-Money, Mad-Ave, and J-Rezze *music pages (facebook/ycgyoungcashgettaz)(facebook/youngcashgetaz) twitter/1youngcashgetaz datpiff/youngcashgettaz instagram/ycgdetroit email for booking, and special thanks to royaltalkmag!

youngcashgettaz | Hip Hop from Detroit, MI
Hip Hop | Detroit, MI




I have been writing since I was about 12, been grinding hard with it and chipping away at my craft for bout 6 years.

Every day life always inspires me. Things we all go through and can relate to, the thing is to be creative and get people to look at these things in a way they may never have before; good music inspires me; good beats make me want to write. They get me in a specific mood to say certain things.

 photo VALID1_zps5023e126.jpg

I would say the genre of music I do is hip hop. But that's such a broad term now a days. I think to be any artist in any field you just have to be pure to yourself more so than a man made label of a certain style of music.

Connections I have with various talents are never ending: videographers, producers, engineers, singers, DJ n etc.

The life of this art is if you stay pure and honest to the craft, yourself, and what you put out into the world. When you go the other route and the treat is more so of a means rather than self expression, that'll be the death of it.

Passion is needed for any career, and a clear understanding of what dedication really is.

In order to build an audience, first thing you want to do is make good entertaining art that people can believe in and feel. How to get it out and exposure to many people is the puzzle.

 photo VALID2_zps08f1bf48.jpg

Words of wisdom from me, have fun with it, don't worry about being famous.

Balancing everyday life while trying to do this until it pays off can be difficult. People have bills to pay, so it's hard to find the time and $ to put something of good quality out unless you already got money like that. Unfortunately, there's a lot of people full of talent out here that don't have the financial backing to put their music out in a major way to get people behind it. So when they do it themselves and working a low paying 9-5 its hard, but you got to have faith.


7. Starting on a budget (or nothing at all) how do you build an audience? I can't give away all my secrets or I'll be creating more competition - there will suddenly be TWO million other authors. :) I can suggest that you share your writing with someone you trust before submitting for Print on Demand or vanity publication. Also, enter a few contests but don't pay to enter them. Don't pay for anything until you decide you want to do this as a life-long avocation. Do open mics or other such things until you determine that other people really seem to like your writing. And join free writing classes. Do everything that is free until you discover you have some skill. Then start thinking about how much you are willing to pay to hone that skill. 8. Do you have any words of wisdom to offer? For my competition? No. Wait...yes "Don't quit your day job."

 photo wlbush_zpsc26d8067.jpg

9. Who are your personal Writing influences? In no particular order: Stephen King, Ulysses Newkirk, Emily Rose, Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, Aurora Harris, Sabrina Nelson, Jesus Christ, Brett Easton Ellis, Frida Kahlo, Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Nabokov, Shakespeare, Julie Hanna, my family, and my wife, Caitlin Bush. 10. Can you share how you balance life versus work? Sorry, no I can't. I can't balance them well at all. Most times, I want to be left alone. But how can you be famous if you want alone?

It has been a pleasure answering your questions. I love doing interviews...from a distance. :)

At your service, -w.

*Writer L. Bush is a poet, author, and activist who ghostwrites, edits and independently publishes all genres, specializing in contemporary novels about DETROIT: ; order HANNA VALENTINE - Money, mayhem, Marxism and murder...

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I've been writing for over 16 years now. I started doing HipHop at 12 years old after my parents divorced. All the anger me and my sister faced seeing our parents argue, I wrote and turned into lyrics. I was very aggressive because of this so the Wolvarine was born.

From writing poetry and raps so much, I soon began to freestyle. This is a God given talent 'cuz it's very hard to do, but to me it comes easy.

 photo WOLVARINEwitOBIETRICE_zps50b57b79.jpg


To be a great artist it takes motivation and drive. I lost my uncle and best friend from high school to violence, here in Detroit. Their deaths drive me to go hard, and to never give up no matter what!

You need to eventually get your own home studio. That way you don't have to pay for studio time just mixing and mastering only besides getting beats for your song. That way you can take as long as you need to make a classic album or singles.

Do shows and use the internet to help build your "fan-base". A good manger or booking agent will help you, too. Get a street team or promo company to help push your music as well, if possible. A budget is good too, but if your not able to have alot of money, then, use your intelligence to get where you need to be. (Click photos to hear WOLVARINE's music)

 photo WOLVARINE1_zps8c920893.jpg

"Where your money lacks, let your intelligence kick in."-Wolvarine Solid X. I read alot of comic books and the best thing I learned bub, is to think! You can solve the puzzle.

I been working for many years now, and still do my music. It's all about balance. You don't need to perform at every show... just the right shows. Use your gut instinct, "you'a know what to do bub trust me!"

 photo WOLVARINELPcover_zpse1a8eb07.jpg


Music is depicted from tempo, bass, synthesizers, culture, fashion & religion. The biggest thing to me in connection that they all have in common, is they all have a certain way they make you feel. I wouldn't place myself in a genre only because I have my own style I call it ( Dizzle's World ) meaning exactly the way I like it. Even if you have no money you can still make music yourself as in you, nowadays all it takes is a computer. Also programs like Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro Tools, & many others. They cost a nice piece of change ( 200-500 ) but where there's a will there's a way believe that. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, are important essentials needed to obtain fans followers an attraction to what your displaying in music or art.

Main important thing is to connect with your listeners with real life stories, experiences you've been through, nobody wants to hear that In the club, strippers, weed, MONEY scheme all the time REAL TALK.

 photo youngDEEperform1_zpsb0d37106.jpg

Change it up create an image of how you want to portray yourself to the public, things all artist should know, DRESS NICE, MANNERS, RESPECT OTHERS, treat people how you want to be treated. After all you want people to like you that's the main goal when your making music, because if they don't like you as a person more than likely they wont respect your music right ? t's a hard road ahead if this is what you are choosing to do with your life, if your not going to put 150 percent into this ART, my advise to you is don't begin.

Most importantly don't make music to get attention, girls, popularity, do it because you love it an you have passion to create something special, you'd like others to hear an share with you. But there should be a balance between music & your responsibilities no lie sometimes I have trouble with that. I'm always making new music everyday whether it's a beat, idea, graphic art, or producing a new artist, but I'm managing the 2 better keep a balance. I've performed probably a little over 70 something shows throughout my hometown Detroit, Michigan. Whether it was St. Andrew's, Bullfrog, New Way, Emerald, or local bars. That is a must to be able to rap in a studio, and on stage is a totally different experience, now you have people watching your every move - judging your appearance, your look, the way you rap.

It can make you or break you, but that's up to you as an artist if you're ready, every-man for themself in this game. Underground rap for me, I'm not into that Industry bullshit, I'm pretty sure everyone in the world knows about how they really get down behind closed doors. Also, me and my brother DC own our own label Down To Earth Entertainment Inc, so anything is possible. Just stay focused, positive and keep it moving, don't stand still take action. You'll make mistakes like everyone does but don't let that stop your journey to where you're trying to be in your career.

 photo youngDEEuse2_zps6b549f5a.jpg

Down below there's links, an where you all can check out my music or to buy beats, or production time I wish the best in your progress to being all you can be in your music Dizzle.

(Google) Young D.E.E. aka Reverse


(Youtube) * (Reverbnation)




Labeling himself as a "lyricist", Pronto has been working on his skills for six years, but he released his first solo project in 2013. He states the basic essentials for being an artist would be : continuing what you start; life, and experience... these are all things that inspire your writing and music you make. Although Pronto has the skills to do a bit of singing, and he's down to do it, but he'd rather grab the mic on spit some lyrics instead.


Since releasing his first solo project, Yung Pronto states, "I got 'da' drive! I want it all!" Next on his list will be a video for the first released single. Pronto holds no bars when it comes to the craft. Sharing with the readers of ROYAL-TALK! the life and death of a career as an artist, Pronto is adament about the main key to success: EDUCATION! READ MORE...

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He started performing in local open-mic shows that were hosted by Detroit’s own DJ King David, leading to other venues. Always seeking a bigger audience, a artist has to be able to adapt to the rapid changes of the industry, staying relevant may mean having to adjust your style, sound and experience.


Staying balanced is truly important in his life as well as in the music industry, "My family will always come first, I am not just an Artist, I am a Son, a Brother, and a proud Uncle of to five nieces and a nephew!" Balance is need in everything we do, whether it is professionally or creatively. The challenge in life seems to be to maintain your own personal balance and that is usually built on an individual’s foundation of ethics and the desire to see your dreams come true. "Don’t allow anyone to tell you the sky is limited, when there are footprints on the moon………" 


 photo 10290712_10152027482162181_8121101375949858334_n1_zpsc49ff4dc.jpg

Rail has signed with Pro Money Records, and you can view his first video here: .

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ROYAL-TALK! interviewed Jennifer, and got a huge double dose of ROYALTY! Not only is she full of ROYAL RHYTHM, she's a walking billboard of a SUPERWOMAN!ifer is multi-talented as a medical professional and Administrative Assistant by day, and a whirlwind of entertaiestions were only ao showcase the many talents of the beautiful SNOWBUNNIE!

SNOWBUNNIE.working photo JENcloseup_zpsecdd68dc.jpg

WHO AM I? Well let’s see, I work in the Medical Field, so I am a Medical Professional; I also rap; act (just shot a movie called ICE'D REVENGE - it was originally written for a male, but I killed the audition, and got the part); host many local HIP HOP Shows - I host a local showcase HIP HOP NITE, every Sunday (also hosted the TRIPLEXPO, hosting LAYZIE BONE SHOW with LAYZIE BONE from BONE THUGS IN HARMONY); been in many music videos (such as ICP Where‘s God, BIZARRE Super HI); promote, and manage a HIP HOP group called EASTSIDE VILLIANZ at WISEGUY RECORDS; and I’m starting my own radio show on RAWRADIOX, every Sunday, from 1-3 pm. I’m calling it SNOWBUNNIE SUNDAY.

Another job title I have is Administrative Assistant to an author who writes medical books for McGraw Hill Book Company. I have many responsibilities, not only in my medical job, but also in my entertainment job as well. I run a medical office where we see car accident victims, so it’s important to me they get the best care available. At my administration job, I have to carefully help edit and review medical information for students to get the best education possible, with keeping information updated. As far as entertainment goes, I work hard to promote and take care of THE EASTSIDE VILLIANZ as much as I can; which includes booking shows, taking care of paperwork, and making sure they get their name out there.

There are many things I’m passionate about: I LOVE music, I LOVE people - in general, I want to entertain THE WORLD, I LOVE MY FAMILY, and sports; it’s important to me to make people feel good, whether it’s health or entertainment.

The things that inspires me the most are music and people. It’s like a song or a certain person could change your mood, your whole day, or even your life. There’s more out there than meets the eye.

My family life is good, my family and friends support anything I DO! That means alot; I have a huge family. Alot of my friends, I consider family - I have alot of close friends from my childhood.

As a child, I always imagined myself to be doing something BIG - whether it be an actor, rapper, and at some point, I even wanted to be a baseball star.

JEN2 photo JEN3armoredUP_zpsc329908f.jpgMY FURTURE GOALS are just to mainly BE HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE DONE WITH MY LIFE. Be CONTENT WITH THE PERSON I AM. Sure riches and wealth are some things EVERYONE WANTS, but TO BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF IS PRICELESS. I just want the best for myself, my family, friends, and to see EASTSIDE VILLIANZ succeed.


It’s hard to BALANCE BUISNESS AND PERSONAL; I mean, I TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONAL - ITS MY LIFE! I put LOTS OF TIME, WORK AND EFFORT INTO IT, OF COURSE, I TAKE IT PERSONAL. I pray every night to be the best person I can, and try to make all the right decisions. The rest is in GOD’S HANDS!

Music is by far one of the most important things to me. It gives me strength, it inspires me, it’s ONE OF THOSE THINGS THAT MAKES LIFE WORTH WHILE. It’s touched me in a way nothing else has. Sometimes, people feel it’s all they have... Now, that’s something POWERFUL.


I have always lived on the eastside of Detroit, so artists on that side of town have definitely made an impact on my life. They used to do rap shows down the street from my house at this place called THE WIRED FROG. If you were rapping in that time period, you knew that was THE SPOT; I must have been 14 years old, sneaking in there to see people perform.

MICHIGAN ARTISTS HAVE ALWAYS IMPACTED ME - Marshall Mathers, KID ROCK, ALICE COOPER And Madonna… come on now, MICHIGAN HAS SOME OF THE BEST PPL IN MUSIC. I’m proud to be where I’m from, and it’s hard out here for ANYONE to make it.







 photo 9F309A48-F77B-4965-ADE8-14B12DAFAB4B_zps1d8m8op3.jpg

WORDS OF WISDOM: Set your goals; focus on you and what you want to accomplish; always make an appoint to learn, collaborate and make as many connections for opportunities as you can; and no path is a single path to success (team); you never STOP learning!

GREATEST INFLUENCES (music): Marvin Gaye; Jimmy Hendrix; Prince; Michael Jackson, and the gospel group Connected; (life): my Mother Linda; Grandmothers Willie Bell, Earline Golberg; my greatest inspiration, my son Aric Bell; and my best friend of more than 20 years, Shawn Billups.

LIFE/DEATH (Industry career): Life - set goals, have a plan and write it down; invest in yourself, always MAKE time for yourself; my passion keeps me going. Death - giving up…

 photo 282AA584-1BEB-475F-AF7C-E35467744722_zpskuonbpm8.jpg  My Mother taught me about the power of inspiraion and courage. She did it with strength and passion; she is the kindest soul I know, and without her support this dream wouldn't be worth the work. I would be NOTHING without my Queen Linda G!


Terri isn't limited to her singing talent, and enjoys sharing other talents in basketball; cooking; make up and hair styling. Labeling herself as a new neo-soul-r&b-rap artist (smile). "The expression of my music is 'feel good' music," admits Terri. "I just love music... when I'm on the stage, or in the studio [say] 'Who's that - oh, Terri Rene`' and smile. This is what I'm here to do."

 My Son, My Miracle

For this child I prayed, and the Lord answered My Prayer. Like I stated earlier, I had a fight with Cancer and was told I would have a hard time bearing children. But with my Faith, Prayers, and God's Good Grace I was Blessed with a 9-lb, 18-oz healthy baby boy - I was cancer free, and now I'm 14 years cancer free! Aric Bell is my Lifeline and the reason why I can stand tall going after my dreams. Knowing that he depends on me, letting him down is not an option. Words can't describe how much he means to me, so I decided to proclaim my destiny and put my feelings in songs that will last a lifetime!

Connect with TERRI RENE`on facebook; IG: terrirenethe1  

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My name is Calin Thomas Carrillo, I was born January 1994 in Dearborn, MI. I grew up in a house with a big family, my parents were real young, so we learned as we grew together. I was always an artist, I was born with the passion in me. I would draw for hours, anything I could. That artistic side is still with me, I attend the Art Institute of Michigan, I’m a Detroit graffiti artist, and have branded myself well. Art is everywhere, I see it in my mother’s eyes, I hear it in the voice of the home-less woman at the bridge as she reads my hand telling me of my future: I watch it as I watch my cousin climb the billboard before me to write his name with gloss black rustoleum spray paint. I’ve seen it outside my apartment window as I watch the downtown city skyline shine past the Livernois exit. I can feel it inside of my soul. A local Southwest Detroit legend named "Foo" was my inspiration when it came to music. A close friend of the family, it was until a few years ago I was told we weren’t actually "blood related." As a child, It was like every time he came over, over we went to his house, he had the coolest shit, I loved it, I wanted to be just like him. As an artist with a mind in the heart, and the heart with a mind of its own, who wouldn’t want to be like him? In my early teenage years, my father would drop me off at his house for hours and I would just watch him. I would study whatever he was doing and go home and practice whatever I seen. My favorite artists to listen to growing up had to be Bone Thugs n Harmony, Wu-Tang, Tupac, and Em. I was never given any money to go out and start my music career, all I needed was myself. The passion, the vision, the goal , the story, the inspiration is everything. I could stare at a white wall for hours, and come out inspired to paint the world.

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My story is told in everything I say, everything I write, and is wrote by every foot that I walk, I honestly don’t give a fuck If you believe it or not, it’s real. I met with Joe Carnage, a member of Foo’s group "S.U.I.S.I.D.E. KINGS". He took me in, and further developed me as an artist. Helping me master the basics of writing, my first album, all original music was produced by Carnage of Fusion Records Ent. The album was called "I" and I am currently working on a mixtape titled "Graffiti & Grey".

I can be contacted, and heard through the following links.