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DEC 2015



...That Keeps On Giving

RONYAE, Staff Writer


      In acknowledgment of AIDS/HIV awareness we will be discussing some minor details and statistics.
But the real story line is in the words that we will share that will help people to prevent even contacting these STDs. READ MORE!



NOV 2015


 photo 21C41960-B30A-45F4-888C-0033EC751F39_zpsduhoce4n.jpg

…Don’t Wear Capes

RONYAE, Staff Writer


      In light of this month’s national recognition of our American Veterans, I wanted to shed light on the “worth” of a one-day-once-a-year recognition.  Not only have the service people risked their lives for our country, they have sacrificed the everyday grants we have advantage of such as spending time with family...

COVER STORY (cont'd) 

There may be facilities for our Veterans, but how great are the services available through the facilities?  How often are our Veterans able to receive proper medical care? Housing, and even employment since they have returned home from – a war – to protect the very people under this shabby umbrella.

There will be links for stats and reports coming later, but I wanted to vent on the overwhelming devastation our Veterans have returned home to; needless to include the lack of assistance families have received during the absence of our Veterans.

After researching for stats, a devastating record was found:  “…of 1.9 million veterans, .9 million of their family members lack insurance. ... 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support...” READ MORE!



OCT 2015


It's Your Seed, Reap It!

Article and Photo by RONYAE, Staff Writer


     Ever looked at your life as a garden? Ponder the relativity: you plant the seeds for what you want; maintain and nourish the seed; prune and pluck what's not needed, all while anticipating the fruits of your labor...READ MORE!.. 



     Being a Gardner, it's a given that you'll reap the fruits of your labor after harvesting. But what about in life? Do you actually reap what's been sown for the benefit of your life: work hard to enjoy the money earned, for yourself sometime? Feel at peace in your own home? Is your future secure on all aspects, other than financial?
R-T! did a bit of research to see what the masses feel about "Life Harvesting"; what are the 'seeds' we sow to have a fruitful life. CHECK IT OUT!

Join the blog; enter to win the Veggie Game!


 photo reap1_zpsxpzpxv4l.jpg




ATTENTION!: Content may not be suitable for minors; USE PRECAUTION, COMMON SENSE


     So many down talk rap music, blaming [rap] for violence... But I'm here to level the Field. Who's really to blame for the troubled society? It's definitely not the rap music, it's the lack of common sense supporting the industry.

 photo SEPT2015 ISS. COVER for web_zpsyflfvrrq.jpg

 ATTENTION!: Content may not be suitable for minors; USE PRECAUTION, COMMON SENSE


COVER STORY (cont'd) 

 photo common-sense11_zps1kmhi1tc.jpg

Could Rap Be Depicting Life, Or Is Life Depicting Rap Songs? 

RONYAE, Staff Writer

 Sure, the lyrics are degrading and violent... but in the beginning, rappers were speaking from experience; this was a way to express their oppressions. This can almost be considered as depicting [their] life.
Somehow, the tables turned, and now life is being depicted by the rap songs: never in my life have I witnessed females finding it okay to have dicks in mouth, semen squirted on faces, and being treated like a used rag - publicly. What you do in the private is not the concern, but rump shaking to somebody spitting vulgarities about you isn't cute, nor cool when it comes to common sense.

I'm like anyone else who enjoys good music, or a nice beat. But it's a whole other story when I can't enjoy the music because of the lyrics... have you ever experienced this? If not, don't try to - take my word for it. So you can imagine my disappointment from trying to enjoy a song that was so vulgar, I couldn't even hear the music anymore; click the photo above to listen to the song I was trying to enjoy. I'm not bashing this, or any particular entertainer - I'm using the good music v. the X-rated lyrics.

COMMON SENSE (Wikipedia) is considered as a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things... which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people..

After reading this definition, I feel safe to say: some things you just know better than to allow, indulge, or even take part in - just to name a few. And, I also feel safe to say the females pumping it up to such songs, should have common sense to pay more attention to the consequences from the lyrics of the songs. If the song is talking about a female doing such X-rated things that you wouldn't normally be seen doing - don't portray it on the dancefloor in a nightclub. Common sense should tell any female that a skirt shorter than her underwear doesn't leave much for the imagination or indiscretion. READ MORE!..




The Motor City may be going through some rough times, but it's not holding back the aspirations of its residents. Two outstanding people will prove that in the stories they've shared with the readers of ROYAL-TALK! Pictured right is Terri Rene`, neo-soul songstress that's beating all odds; on the left is Vernard Snowden, miracle coach for South Lake Cavaliers. Read their stories below...

  photo 9ADFB205-5F44-4C41-9C09-39C9D1766F80_zpsab7xea2n.jpg



















COVER STORY (cont'd)


     After hearing her voice, and her story - there was no denying the chance to feature the incomparable Terri Rene` in ROYAL-TALK!

Although Terri is busy "Reaching Beyond the Limits", she took a small pause to share her story with our readers:

 photo TERRI RENE_zpsnnwbstpt.jpg




Not until about a year ago, I had true clarity, and realized that my music was what I was called to do. For years I was unsure on what to do with my gift… but, anyone who knows me, know my passion for music.

(Click the photo for Terri's story)





JULY 2015


 photo C6DC891F-117A-49F6-8066-F66D94F1C1BD_zpstyd0tsoh.jpg


RONYAE, Staff Writer

Although they [youth] did not understand what independence really meant, they did know that we celebrate July 4th with the American colors: red, white, and blue and they also knew that we celebrate with barbecue and fireworks.

To be honest, they actually knew more than many adults do. When we question adults on what independence day is and how to spell Independence Day - or the word independence, many stumble.

To many of us, independence simply means freedom. But, what does freedom have to do with the celebration on July 4th in America? When we asked that question, there were very few who knew that we celebrate July 4th, Independence Day in America because of the freedom we got from the British: The Birth of America. READ MORE!


INDEPENDENT!: Pictured (l-r) are Daniya, Alaysia, 9; Paige, 8; and My're, 4. They called themselves the "Fire Riders" during an interview for R-T! Read their definition of independence in the Cover Story. (Photo by RONYAE)


What Are We Really Celebrating?

RONYAE, Staff Writer

Of course we know independence and the celebration of Independence Day is generally taught in schools and in the educational system. So ROYAL-TALK! decided to speak to our babies on independence. It was amusing but yet quite interesting to hear what they had to say... SEE LINK ABOVE.

JUNE 2015



...In or Out, It's Your Day

 photo 21A3EDF9-5738-4795-86E2-7754FD5F6752_zpsgj8n0oox.jpg

RONYAE, Staff Writer

A crime is a crime, and if you did the CRIME - then, serve the TIME... But, honestly, there are some Fathers doing time for crimes they didn't commit. Serving years (for someone else's criminal activity) away from their children. Some not being able to even know those born at the time of incarceration. READ MORE


MAY 2015

Nigga vs. Nigger: "The 'N' Word"

The Life and Death Of It, Starts With You!

RONYAE, Staff Writer

I composed this entry for my LiveJournal recently, and I would like to share it with my #ROYALTALK! readers...

Apr. 26th, 2015

Nigga: The "N" Word
Dearest lJournal,

After a two-to-three day nonstop marathon of "The Boondocks" animated series, I'm drawn to delve into the word "nigga"; for those who may not see any differentiation, it's not the racist term "nigger".
The aptly used word "nigga" is thrown in Black American language as any other typical slang word; specific labels can range from females [Black] naming a general male species of 'hood status' or, even noting the male is a "nigga" by gender alone - to the word being used among informal conversations between [specifically Black youth] comrades, or brotherhoods.
There is an unsaid set of rules to the word nigga... it could derive from the birth of the root word nigger, or even the 'spiritual' death of the [power] word... But, you will almost never hear a man call a woman, or point her as "nigga" - this goes for any female species (amongst Black Americans). You will never hear someone [maturity] address or point out an elderly person as a "nigga"... some things, you just don't do - out of pure morals & values. READ MORE!..


FEB 2015



Story By RONYAE, Staff Writer

A Salute To Progress!.. when determination is your motivation, there's no stopping success.

Don't Give Up Just Yet!



 photo WINTWR_zps8f657b29.jpg

People say 'Life is what you make it...', but what if all you do for favor is always shitting in your face: you do the best you know how, but still end up on the losing end...

I say, "Keep going!" Sure you get dealt some pretty strange to losing hands, but that's what life is made of - winning & losing. You have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes, if you play your hand right, a losing hand can be a winner.


NOV 2014

What's REALLY Going On in The "D"?

"They Shall Rise!" ; The City's Progress

 photo 5ecad59c-e738-4059-9f85-c79be8d963b3_zpsb4baba33.jpg  PHOTO OF FEATURED DJ E-DUB OF The 313

Click photo for story

OCT 2014



 photo 10compl3tcypher_zpsb0760138.jpg

 THE BIG "10!"

...COMPLETION; Empowering Yourself 


 RONYAE, Staff Writer

For such a small word, it has huge symbolism.


Researching the month of October, I learned October was a derivitive of a word meaning eight (the ending of the old Roman Calendar once January and February was inserted). The Romans considered the eight as the "end", but October is the "tenth"... Hmmm, I went into detective mode - of course. Research time led to the number 10 being a sign of completion in biblical references [The Ten Commandments], and also on a numerical scale.


But look at the number itself: 10, so nice and even - both numerical entities have its own space and time - that one time, and then none... wow. [let that settle mentally for a sec...] READ MORE!..


ROYAL-TALK! WIN THE "BIG 10!" GAME: Locate the randomly placed "10" images in the magazine for a chance to win something ROYAL! Then, Post your answer (#10s found) to RPLC's fb page:



SEPT 2014



RONYAE, Staff Writer 


 photo Snoopytyping.gif



     Being young, curious and ambitious for grander opportunities were my attributes for venturing away from you, my dear beloved city.
    But wherever I had journeyed, Detroit was my claim. I was sure to "represent" you to the fullest: good and bad.
    For the good, I was a go-getter. There was no opportunity too much to grasp for, and there was no doubt allowed.
    For the bad, I was BAD... with a capital "B": didn't take "no" for an answer; didn't take any shorts and almost by any means necessary. There were no obstacles seen or accepted.
    After nearly twenty years I returned to you, Motor City. I must admit I had mixed emotions:
    Happy to be "home" again, and see some positive additions and changes to the D...
    Sad that so much history had been pushed beyond the filing cabinets and archives, and replaced with shells of what used to be...
    ...dilapidated buildings that once held flourishing businesses and growing families; dieing foliage and crumbling landmarks; fields of earth where hopes for prosperity used to be.
    When and how did this devastation happen to you, my beautiful city? Who's to blame? Who would you [reader] blame?..
    So I ask my residents and officials of the Motor City: which are you, part of the solution or the problem?



JULY 2014




 photo 9501_600_zps4d175dd6.jpgPhoto by RONYAE


RONYAEStaff Writer

Stop being dependent on modern technology so much that you lose your independence; if certain [things] freedoms were taken away, how would one suffice or survive?
don't be so dependent on gadgets that you forget to unplug, and enjoy life!.. at its greatest natural state.
Life has so much to offer, and is willing to receive; use modern technology as a tool, assisting you in your work and useful at playtime.
Learn to unplug! Claim & take your independence from being plugged into society's networks...



ROYAL-TALK! is constantly doing what we do best: CHECKING FACTS & STATS for our readers.  The records shared are going to not only inform you, but give you a "WOW" ...some, HMMM, and of course my fav: YEEEHHH I'm hoping this info will persuade you to take your independence back, and start living life... as INTENDED (wink)


Continuing from RT! June issue on distracted driving, an official website released staggering numbers. "At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving..." sited directly under their site's search listing heading. The numbers don't lie, and this has become a serious contributor to "BAD [THINGS]"

When I say "BAD", I'm signifying ALL things NOT GOOD. Point blank.  If it doesn't benefit you in a [prosperous] way, or it causes neglect in some part of your life - it's NOT GOOD.

Since we're on the subject of "BAD", let's talk about what your 'gadgets' are composed of and how you are destroying your environment.

While R&Ding for this story, I ran across some facts I had figured to be associated with new technology, but I didn't know the exact facts.  Check what I ran across on another site, "The wiring boards of cell phones contain brominated flame retardants that have been known to cause cancer, liver and endocrine problems. Beryllium can cause major lung problems and when burned releases extremely toxic dioxins into the air..."  You can Read more : 

But pipe up you little pepper!  You haven't destroyed mankind yet, there's still time to get it right...

Take your gadgets ...READ MORE! 


 photo onvacation1_zpsf1eedf88.jpg



JUNE 2014 

Oh No! Anutha Set of Teenage Drivers

Distracted Driving: DON'T DO IT! 

 photo distracteddriving1_zpsd345e9d3.jpg

(AP Photo)


RONYAE, Staff Writer

The major cause for automobile accidents is mostly from bad driving, and that's a no-brainer, but aside from the bad driving, distracted driving: mainly talking on cellphones, eating, or even interacting with passengers ranks highly.
I'm going to jump opinionated to state both causes are guaranteed to have higher numbers from teenage drivers; young people are still not advanced by nature - regardless, and them trying to "multitask" with their youthful mindset, creates a devastating mixture

MAY 2014 

 photo Momholdingbabysketch_zps7bf63f3b.jpg  A SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY TRIBUTE!  photo Momholdingbabysketch_zps7bf63f3b.jpg


Deadbeat Moms, Are They Entitled?


 photo deadbeatmom_zpsd1233989.jpg



RONYAE, Staff Writer 

“MOTHER.” M-O-T-H-E-R… by definition is:  




moth·er [mú-thər]

n (plural moth·ers



female parent: a woman who has a child, or a female animal that has produced young


woman acting as parent: a woman who acts as the parent of a child to whom she has not given birth


originator: a woman regarded as the creator, instigator, or founder of something


origin of something: the cause, source, or origin of something Necessity is the mother of invention.


protector: something that protects and nourishes like a mother


good or bad example of something: something very big, good, bad, or extreme, or particularly noteworthy in some other way (slang) (sometimes considered offensive) a real mother of a headache


taboo term: a highly offensive term for somebody regarded as objectionable or contemptible (taboo)

Socially, when we hear the word “Mother”, we instantly place ‘reference & reverence’.

A Mother is one of the highest, most acknowledged terms in the state of “significance”; but, how “significant” is it when a “mother” doesn’t “act” in a way in which [Mothers] signifies they have given ‘birth’:

What about the females who have given birth, but have not parented the said child(ren); what about the females who have given birth, but have not acknowledged the birth of a child(ren)? According to definition, these females are still considered a “Mother”… READ MORE!


APRIL 2014


"It Takes A Nation..." -REST

 photo spring_zps5aa12ab9.jpg(AP Photo)


RONYAE, Staff Writer


All things have a purpose: the picture above represents a more broader image of how things work together for the good; the earth is providing nutrients for the grass to be used as tools for the small creatures to do their jobs with the blooms. It's almost like a chain reaction!

The same goes for your interaction, involvement, and investment within your environment.



 photo beautifulspring_zpsee85d857.jpg(Shared Photo)


MARCH 2014



  photo clean-up-your-life-21_zpsbdc0ae6e.jpg

RONYAE, Staff Writer 

We've all heard the cliches before: " order to gain, you must lose; "...No Pain, No Gain", and etc. But we all also know that painful stabbing we get at the mere thought of losing: you feel a kind of emptiness, as if you'll never regain a filling for that empty space, and as if you're not going to live on without...

But that's not true. It's all a part of the processes for having lost. So, it's okay to grieve, but don't allow it to take up too much space and time in your attitude, life choices, and activities.

In the spiritual sense, and maybe even in a psychological manner, going through a loss, gives way for more to be received: in light of the spiritual nature, one must go through a loss in order to recognize the [need] dependency on Christ.

This is mainly recognized by some spiritual people during a time of Lent: although a traditional period before Easter in Christian calendar; the period of 40 weekdays before Easter observed in some Christian churches as a period of prayer, penance, fasting, and self-denial (AP reports). More information on Lent can be viewed here:

 photo funnycomic_zpsfe91637c.jpg

In a more personal agreement with the spiritual nature, I have witnessed - first hand - how one makes room for the better, once they have "lost" something that was possibly hindering success, positivity, or any happiness opportunities. Take for instance, you have an opportunity to network and generate better business opportunities, but you're hindering your possibilities by staying within stale, unproductive business relationships, never venturing for something more.

These forms of hindering can be in any facet of your life, and it is everything rolled into one needed action: to lose!

Relieving yourself of unwarranted situations, and/or things does not have to be done only once a year. You can lose something at any moment or time in your life - vountarily or not. The main point is whether or not, you allow this loss to be a blessing, or an even more hinder to your progress in life.

Do a little "Spring Cleaning" in your life! Clean out what's not being 'used' anymore; isn't good for/to you; has taken its course in your life, and don't look back. This will leave space in your life for that which IS good to use, is good to/for you, and will take you even further in life! 


 photo lent_zps1e7c1ad9.jpg





dilipidated Whittier Bldg photo AbandonedREALESTATEWhittier-20130618_zps8ffab154.jpgABANDONED WHITTIER BUILDING (APPhoto) 

RONYAE, Staff Writer

It seemed like a domino effect: the visual downfall of the Motor City. Amongst the economic downfall of America, Detroit would be hit the hardest. The once flourishing pearl in an American oyster, Detroit's prosperity crashed... taking the automotive industry, city facilities, educational institutions and real estate market with it. Where was the light at the end of the tunnel - the light of Hope? How could - and would the city ever return to "re-gain"?


Real estate investor Ken Singleton remembers the earlier days of the Detroit real estate market, and says, "We're making a comeback."


Having been in the business for more than 10 years, Ken has seen times when buying and owning a home was the main goal for Americans... "The American Dream". But, today that dream seems like an illusion, which is not so good. READ MORE!..




 photo snowman_zps88670dd1.jpg
RONYAE, Staff Writer

The song is very catchy… “[He was made of snow but the children
know how he came to life one day]”, and it gives a magical sense to the character. But when, and what is the origin of a snowman? How did the term come to be, and perhaps how does it relate to anything of today?

Certain records have been proven through images of a “snow person” as early as the 1800s. Nothing has been recorded as why the specific use of ‘circles’ balls of snow, piled atop another, to form a ‘body’; buttons, coal, and sticks have been known to be used for facial features, and when applied - clothing [particularly a hat (Frosty), scarf, etc] brings the snow person to life.  READ MORE!






 photo Electronic-Circuit-Board-Globe_zpsad9b9b95.jpg

Ronyae Staff Writer

The new wave of communication came rushing in like a tidal wave, giving new birth to expressing yourself to others:

grandparents, children, teachers, guardians, corporate employees and bosses are now able to communicate without having to see one another, nor hearing the other's voice.


Some say it's been a miracle waiting to happen - and, I don't doubt that it is, in one form or another. The convenience of electronic communication has been a godsend for businesses, entreprenuers, and the common person; it's even helped our government continue to communicate in a more [supposedly] accurate timeframe, to inform its citizens.


Especially around this time of the year, during holidays people are spending more time inside from the cold weather. Being inside often leads to more time spent online, to "occupy" that time. People are now shopping, socializing, playing games, and entertaining themselves online.


Well, ROYAL-TALK! decided to do what we do best - check some facts!


According to research, 83% of people have used social networking to communicate with family members; largely over 50% of people send personal news, gifts and share info with family and friends, associations, and clubs electronically, and nearly 15 billion people conduct their personal business affairs electronically.


Can you imagine how much of your personal life is floating on the wires? WoW!


I have to pause to state, "For society to have become so 'impersonal' [electronic communication/activities] nowadays, it has become "too personal" [private data]".

It's okay for you to quote me (smile).

This convenience somehow, has trickled down to our youth, but misconstrued; the effortless opportunity from electronic communication has given birth to a sense of laziness, doubling with a narcissistic personality: "Everything at my fingertips, and when I want it" type of attitude.



Students are now finding it "the norm" to [search] for information needed for school assignments, by simply going online; no more going to the library, and checking out books, or having to stay at the library to obtain their research.


True, it's a convenience for those who may not be able to go to a library. But this convenience has also been taken advantage of, simply because some children have grown too accustomed to just "searching online". We must keep in mind that information found online has been placed by someone - not neccessarily a professional, or expert on the information provided. Many people have been known to say, "If it's online, it's true..." --and, that is NOT always true!


Needless to say, there are going to be countless debates on whether this new wave of social interaction is the best thing to happen to our society. At this time, there is no proof of which battling debate might win. But, for now, ROYAL-TALK! is here to share the positive attributes of this trending way of life. (Story continued, here...)

 photo i-need-a-miracle_zpsd189e1f6.jpg




A troubling plague has been haunting me for many years, now: the diminishing respect we have for our seniors. Not a high school senior, but our elders who have paved the way for our freedoms, rights, and opportunities in this world. What has happened to the traditional respect and honor we were once taught to value, and give to our elders?

The growing epidemic of having no sense of respect to not only our elderly, but the loss of respect for even oneself has trickled down to our youth; the young people are very blatantly disrespecting their elders. If there’s no sense of respect for our elders, then there is definitely no hope for having any compassion for them. It saddens me to actually see this form of inconsideration from more than our young people, but from people of my own cohort.

Grandchildren, now in their 30s and 40s have almost completely forgotten about their elderly family members, leaving them in dilapidating homes, with no utilities, nor comfort. This isn’t to say that ALL grandchildren have falling guilty to this, but the numbers are definitely saddening.

ELDERLY.cold couple photo ELDERLYcold_zps960c5cc7.jpg (AP Photo)

In an effort to bring traditional morals and values back to society, ROYAL-TALK! Is taking a pledge to share information that may help shed light on a very important issue: watching out for our elders.

The cold weather is fast approaching, and this is a very important time to keep a close eye on our elderly that may be living alone; living in old, dilapidating homes, or those elders who may be on a fixed budget, and not able to maintain their monthly utility bills. Let’s join together, in taking this pledge to help preserve our past, by visiting the elders in your life, checking on them to ensure they are warm, fed, and comfortable within their surroundings.

Take the pledge to inspire our young people that they, too, must help in preserving our history, in order to nourish our future. It’s simply a “pay-it-forward” type of pledge… these elders have paved a way for your freedoms and opportunities, so you should feel the urge to ‘repay’. Let’s start today!



WHAT'S IN YOUR WATER photo waterbeingpoured1_zpsaceed8ea.jpg
(AP) Photo is copyright protected


RONYAE, Staff Writer

One of nature's most essential elements has taken a 360 degree turn from its nutritional values. Water, an element armed forces were trained to work with, and make digestable for human consumption, has found itself as being one of the most hazardous.


From generations and eras of a self-prioritizing nation, America has the intelligence and equipment to manipulate water - for the better, but have senselessly done just the opposite. Our waters have been contaminated by factory wastes, crime spills, and other polluted chemicals. These contaminants have created a chain reaction of unhealthy consequences for all living creatures. Hazardous wastes being dumped into our waters are putting poison in the fish, making the fish contaminated and not good for human consumption in some cases. The very same water is also being used by humans, directly.


Our drinking water, although sent through treatment processes, can still have some contaminants. It has been reported in quality water reports of contaminants possibly present in our water source includes: microbial contaminants (viruses and bacteria) - which comes from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife; inorganic contaminants (salts and metals) - which is naturally-occurring, or result from urban storm water runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, oil and gas production, mining and farming; organic chemical contaminants (synthetic and volatile organics) - such as by-products of industrial processes and petroleum production [i.e. gas stations, urban storm water runoff and septic systems]; pesticides and herbicides - comes from a variety of sources like agriculture, urban storm water runoff, and residential uses; lastly, radioactive contaminants, can be naturally occurring or be the result of oil and gas production and mining activities.


So, with that being stated, I ask again - "What's in your water"? (Read more...)

poisonous water photo poisonwaterbottled2_zpsb9c4156d.jpg

(AP) Photo copyright protected 



Save Our Children, Save Our Future

RONYAE, Staff Writer

The most influential time in a person's life is their childhood.  This is a time when morals and values, learning, and perceptions are born.  Generally, many say it is the childhood that molds the adult.
But, what about the children whose childhood was filled with negativity (i.e. alcoholism, abuse, drugs, etc), who still yearned to achieve, and did? This could be a point against the generalization.
With that being said, it draws a question: why are so many of our youth being murdered? If it's safe to say that not all children are products of their environment, then why are so many becoming victims of it?
The violence must stop people!
ROYAL-TALK! will support the cause with links and contact info. photo stopbullyinggov_zpsa924f054.jpg

AUGUST 2013 


 (AP Photo-(C)
What's your "VOICE" on the issue? Click here to share your opinion(s)
BOYCOTT(S) FOR THE SUNSHINE STATE! Protesters voice their rage through their spending habits, are you one? Share with us! 
STOP THE VIOLENCE! EDUCATE OUR YOUTH!  What are you doing to help our future? "TEACH one, REACH one"




ONLINE SCHOOLING1 photo Kids-learning-games-online1_zps6608b2da.jpg 

(AP Photo (c); copyright reserved)



Online schooling has been the norm for several years; providing busy adults the opportunity to further their education, aside of having to leave their homes.

The idea was an ingenious one, and many adults have been able to gain better employment since the opportunity came forth.

Recently, the opportunity has been extended to our students in grade school... but, will it provide the same enlightenment and freedom as it does for the adults?

According to K12.COM, "...Every child learns in his or her own way. Yet many classrooms try to make one size fit all. K12 creates a classroom of one: a remarkably effective education option that is individualized to meet each child's needs."

ROYAL-TALK! interviewed a student who has been enrolled into the online schooling program by his Mother. His response to the program did not offer any positive feelings, and we are going to share his thoughts with you:


Karee Joiner, a 19-year old senior at Central Collegiate Academy (formerly known as Detroit Central High School) is not enthused about being enrolled for online schooling. Although he has only been enrolled for a month, Karee says he would not recommend the program.

Karee's basic studies for Michigan Virtual Academy include the general required courses: Algebra, Biology, World History, and Fine Arts to name a few; each class being an average time span of 45 minutes to an hour, Karee says the learning process is boring. "I rate it [program] a six (6), because I don't like being in front of a computer all day. I like to be in a real school."

Karee has made a valuable point about having to be removed from the everyday hustle and bustle of being physically at a school's institution. He says, "My classes are conducted by the teacher talking all day, and don't give the students time to talk, or interact."

This can possibly cause a growing situation with the new opportunity to be schooled online; our children have always been "surveyed" to need social skills to maintain a healthy personality.

With this being brought forth, is it safe to say that a child's social skills will fail to be enriched because of online schooling?

Speaking with other students who are not enrolled for online schooling, ROYAL-TALK! learned that many schools have nearly turned into an online schooling system anyway, with classes being taught with computer programs, within the classrooms.

KAREE.MARTINA photo KareeandMartina_zpsf88bfbf1.jpg
MARTINA & KAREE: Martina says many of her classes are taught using the computer.

Will this be the new wave of education: A time where our teachers will soon be replaced by online programs, and emails? How do you feel about having your child staying at home all day?

Sure, it may be more safe to keep your child out of schools where crime is steadily growing, or is it? ROYAL-TALK! will continue the coverage of this new wave of education, with features on those using online schooling.

 * * * * * 

KAREE2 photo Karee2_zps88843267.jpg

KAREE is a Michigan Virtual Acedemy student, and he rates the program a low "6"

Online program K12.COM states, "We have a 97% [parent] satisfaction rating..."ONLINE SCHOOLING2 photo ONLINESCHOOLINGhome-04_zpsf5226b04.jpg












 photo golden7_zpsa42742bd.jpg




Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without: Of course, My Mommy! Did U think it was U? ... HA! wuteva photo 195834_1838574118063_1118886_n.jpg


My Mommy…

Has more children to claim than she has given birth to. I have always had to “take claim” of my Mother because of cousins, friends, neighbors, and of course her employees! It’s not a bad thing, because I know how wonderful my Mommy is, and how easy it is to love and claim her! So, to all of you [other] “Daisy’s Children” - BACK OFF! (Laughing jokingly)

My Mommy has held both positions in my life at times: Mother and Father; although never deterring me from acknowledging who my Father was, and him being a part of my life. I respect her for that, and it has taught me many family values as well.

Always keeping me with a humble attitude, giving heart, and slow to anger attitude (this, I’m still working on), My Mommy is the World’s Greatest Teacher! Thinking of teaching, she’s also held a position as a teacher during my elementary school days… that’s My Mommy! Never too far, and always near!

A very enlightening, fond memory of My Mommy was during my senior year of high school. This was a time where my “I WANT IT ALL” attitude was in full bloom, and I wanted everything outside of having to pay my senior dues (even though my minimum wage job only allowed a minimum amount of participation). Needless to say, I was able to participate in ALL of my senior events, unbeknownst to me that My Mommy had taken up another job to ensure that I would. To this day, I often flashback to that time in appreciation of what My Mommy did for me. This action alone made me understand and acknowledge the many sacrifices My Mommy endured for me… and, I LOVE YOU, MOMMY for it ALL!

HAPPY MOMMY’S DAY! Love, Ranya as RONYAE, REDD, Lisa, etc..:))



Born into an athletic family, and maintaining his passion for the sport throughout high school banked the sucess for Vernard Snowden. Continuing his love for the game with coaching positions for PAL League, and King High School. Now, he's the [Head Coach] miracle St. Clair Shores South Lake High Cavaliers have been waiting for!

 photo 02556B8D-2427-4E11-9702-7FEEAF77A9E0_zpsdqkqfbcb.jpg Click helmet to READ COACH VERNARD SNOWDEN'S JOURNEY TO SUCCESS! 






Be sure to check him out!



# - # - # - #

 S.ave O.ur S.chools  

In Detroit!!!


DPS,detroit public schools
 Story by RONYAE              In 2007, any, and everyone affiliated with the Detroit Public School System received the mouth-dropping news of nearly 34 schools being closed around the city of Detroit.  The focused reason would be the shortage of resources needed to continue running the schools ... and the low number of students enrolled.  Of course, personally, many residents of the Motor City weren't 'buying' the reasons, and needed answers.  The answers came with even more school closings by 2009.



# - # - # - #

 photo CHILDREN-GOOD.jpg

PICTURED: RPLC's ROYAL YUF in 2007; If you know any of them, please submit names


Do you know a youth doing exceptional things? Submit their story to ROYAL-TALK!

 (Previously featured Youth can be found here)


 photo AprilFYI_zpsc7efb5c2.png 




Detroit Skills Showcases talent weekly!

DET SKILLS commercial still photo DETSKILLSCommercial_zps7612e906.png 


  photo 3b12593f-64d8-4015-9279-c5358f302a75_zps1d49eb44.jpg




 photo DETSKILLSshowcase1_zps13a512a1.jpg




Story in ROYAL-TALK! (See Below)

 photo DSkillsLOGO_zps31f30a5b.jpg

Click photo for new commercial!

Detroit Skills can be found on facebook and YouTube

 photo DSkillsApparel_zps2e01e4fc.jpg

What started out as an approached idea to create a showcase for entertainers ended up becoming a movement with a mission to serve as a positive networking hub, and performance school for live entertainers.

Later, Detroit Skills had a promotional idea in the form of T-shirts that skyrocketed into a top selling brand. Detroit Skills has taken front row to being the home for aspiring artists of all genres, and a merchandise line.

Started on December 1, 2012, Detroit Skills has been the foundation for many artists rising to higher levels in their craft. Many of the showcased artists have joined together, and collaborated on tracks and videos.

Throughout its first year, Detroit Skills has accomplished not only a showcase for aspiring artists, a merchandise line, and many videos, but have taken things to an even higher level with the very first of many "Detroit Skills Mixtape"s.

ROYAL-TALK! joins in their celebration, and supports the Detroit Skills movement. Happy 1st year, Detroit Skills! You can learn more about Detroit Skills Showcase here.


 photo QW3NSKILLS_zps3979076f.jpg



Behind the Scenes of ROYALTY... BASSment Edition

SUPREME COURT of the ROYAL KINGDOM has his say on the dilemma of our youth:


supremecourt.jpg picture by snowdenranya SUPREME COURT

... unless you live in France or Japan etc...

But People don't let your children grow up talking like this:

-"we was thinkin bout da right play, and what dey was doin, and i was finna run it" or like George Bush, Magic Johnson, or Emmit Smith.

Especially after they graduate from college, that's even worse.
I see athletes and commentators who freakin went to Duke or Michigan, and still freakin talk like that. It's deplorable... please teach your children about grammar.



Wesley Valentine's latest Compilation, "SHOW ME MY OPPONENT"..get a preview!!!

SHOW ME MY OPPONENT(CLICK on this pic for a preview!)