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At the tender age of just 9, Detroit's own singer Brooklyn Fisher has performed with Legendary Stevie Wonder where she received a standing ovation at the House Full of Toys in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater in December 2012. Brookyln has dazzled previous Mayor of Detroit Dave Bing along with various City Council Members. In March of 2013, Fisher was invited down to do an interview by Channel 4 WDIV to talk about her accomplishments, and goals that she achieved over the last year. 

 photo Brrooklyn-Poster-proof_zpsc9737601.jpg


Brooklyn Fisher has already made her 1st national TV-debut at the legendary APOLLO. Brooklyn performed at the Apollo Theatre where African Americans get discovered by their gifted talent on June 27, 2013.

Brooklyn Fisher debut her new single "Life of a Kid" on Hot1075 where she was interviewed by On-Air personality Big Greg, and debut her Christmas single "The Joy of Christmas" on WCHB 1200am on the Mason Show.

In January 2014 Brooklynn Fisher got signed to Legendary Eddie Levert. She will be on the tour with some heavy legendary hitters Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, and Stevie Wonder.

We are trying to set-up an interview with the Detroit News and Free Press before April 20, 2014. The purpose of this interview is to highlight and create positive exposure for Detroit’s own Brooklyn Fisher "Detroit Support Detroit".

Brooklyn's links: Life of A Kid YouTube link:;



  photo CAESARCakingChronicles_zps9f02a31f.jpg  photo CAESARWetnessWhisperer_zps5ccc8c7e.jpg 


I have been the host of Nandi’s Knowledge Café located in Highland Park since 2011. My belief/motto is to provide a poetic haven where all people regardless of where they come from can perform, express and enjoy poetry in all formats. I want everyone that come through the door to feel like they matter and are at home.

I am the founder of a poetic group called ‘3 The Hardway’. This poetic group consists of two other magnificent poets – Poeticlifeline aka ‘The Rain Maker’, Jah X-El aka ‘Mr. Incredible’ and me, aka ‘The Maestro’. 3 The Hardway focuses on performing erotic, sensual and love poems pleasuring to the ladies palate.

I have featured, participated and performed in many poetry showcases/venues within the Detroit/Metro and Toledo area. My upcoming features include  an erotic show with 3 The Hardway (tentative date July 20, 2013). For additional booking information, contact me at (313) 523-2087 or




 photo 10246524_1405708456375224_4150015905858703905_n_zps7d2f9022.jpg

While conducting the interview, R-T! was elated to discover Chris was more than an artist, and engineered the birth of Titan Records of Detroit, Michigan.  Needless to say, the interview continued, but not without an agreement from Chris to share yet another amazing journey of Titan Records.

Here's his journey:

Basic essentials to be this type of artist


I’d say the first thing that you need to be a recording/mixing mastering engineer would be a true feel for music and how it’s made and what goes it to it. It is much more than the ability to turn nobs and sliders. You have to have patience and a good ear for sound.

 photo 1525621_546896425411712_3720078624983245897_n_zpse3ca84e1.jpg

To be a CEO takes a whole other set of talents, not only do you have to be driven and career focused but also to be the type of person that others want to be around and work with. READ MORE! Below...



Not only is Chaz making waves with his determination to be a successful person, he is a multi-talented person. Chaz has been known to "move the crowd" in more ways than one - and, he hasn't even reached the age of 21!

ROYAL-TALK! would like to spotlight the ROYAL RHYTHMZ of Chaz: his gift of art, and his genuine love of playing the saxophone.

Chaz's Mother Michelle shared with ROYAL-TALK! how a school's music teacher was so impressed with how Chaz's ability to play the saxophone did not come from instructional learning, and that he [the instructor] was simply amazed.

Although that particular teacher didn't have the patience needed to mold Chaz's love for the instrument, and the music it produced, he had to admit how well Chaz could replay a song just by hearing it once.

Before Chaz picked up the love of playing the saxophone, he held a dream of being a cartoonist, and soon his drawings would show the world just how gifted he was.

Using handwork to start the basis of his artwork, Chaz would then later use digital software to bring his drawings to life... creating his very own established comic: Chaz the Menace Boy.

CHAZ with saxophone photo ChazwithSaxinbanduniform_zps2979a449.jpg





Multiple genres are they parallel

           I believe this applies to all genres

Type of connection of multiple (talents) if any?

Titan Records has many connections throughout Detroit and the world. Valid has done songs with artists from Africa and Austria. Supa Emcee has been on tour through Europe due to the success of the Dillatroit song from the J Dilla Rebirth of Detroit album.

Share with those that wish to be this type of artist

Life of it

Hectic, be prepared for long nights. There are lots of good spots though; most importantly to me is that I am adding something to the world that will be around forever. Some of the best parts of the life are meeting all the interesting people around the music industry including painters and dancers; it’s a whole other culture.

Death of it

Titans don’t die and neither will music. photo 1941445_1433278343618235_4491056727853895163_o_zps5af12a41.jpgTITAN RECORDS FAMILY

Required (equipment/hardware):

Computer with some type of DAW, I prefer ProTools, an audio interface and a good microphone, are the basics.

Starting on a budge, or nothing

We started on a budget with the basics mentioned and have been careful to continue to spend money in a way to maximize its return.

How to build an audience

Make sure you are out there, your music, your videos, you have to promote yourself, because nobody is going to do it for you.

Words of wisdom

There are going to be a lot of setbacks but you have to keep going. Nothing good is ever easy.

Your greatest influences (included in life) also?

I could list off a ton of producers and business men but my grandparents were mu biggest influences; they were always singing and dancing with a genuine love for music. We still listen to their old records together to this day.

Share how you are balancing life versus business, (or) the hype of your industry?

I’m not in the studio on the weekends, so I can use that time to spend with my family and catch up on life. Sometimes we go to events together as a family.



DJ D.D.D.T.!

Looking at me, you wouldn't believe that I'm a 28-year vet as a DJ. Starting at the age of 5, my love of music began with a huge record collection that my father, an ex-drummer, started for me when I was only 2 years old. From Kindergarten to now, the love of music only grew bigger.

As a teenager, I kept my passion for music by becoming a DJ for a rap group, and was often seen bangin on tables during lunchtime as my peers freestyled or battled in the lunchroom. I took those beat skills and learned how to use a drum machine to make my own tracks (just as dope as what I heard on the radio). My popularity began to spread among the high school students at Finney High, where I was often hired as the DJ for the house parties. While in high school, I took a radio class at Golightly Career & Technical Center to learn all about radio and earned an internship in WJLB's promotions department. Impressed with my editing skills, then program director Steve Hegwood brought me in months later to become a producer for the evening show. I knew that being at JLB was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, so I learned all I could (I'm a fast learner!). I was producer of evening, then afternoon shows, a mix-show DJ, a production assistant (where I made commercials), and an on-air personality.

While at WJLB, I stayed in tune with the Hip Hop community and was respected by nearly every rapper & DJ in the city. I quickly became friends with individuals who frequented the Hip Hop Shop during the mid to late 90's.

DT.spinnig photo djDDTspinsLIVE_zps195035f9.jpg

By 1999, I became the DJ for monster group D12 (Shady/Interscope Records). In between all this, I also moonlighted as a coordinator for Penmp Entertainmnent, one of Detroit's premiere promotions & marketing companies, headed by Rapper/Marketing wonder, T Da Pimp. I became the technical producer WJLB's morning show, where I had a segment every Wednesday and Thursday called "DDT's New Music Report". I then became the station's Local Music Coordinator and host "Whats Next on the Menu" every Saturday, bringing unsigned Detroit artists to the airwaves while moonlighting as the DJ for Mr. Porter (D12/Mr. Porter Productions/Runyon Ave Records).

I've been a part of music production for several artists including D12, Snoop Dogg (Doggy Style/Geffen), Pharoahe Monch (SRC/Universal), The Game (Geffen), P.H.E.A.R. (Runyon Ave Records), Miss Nissa (Runyon Ave Reocrds), Shard (The World Famous Label) among others. You can also hear my music production on TV and radio commercials. I am a proud member of the illustrious Vatican DJs, the Conglomerate DJs, the Street Vibes DJs and the new production team, Creative Notez.

Follow me on Twitter:

Real name: Desmond D. Travis
DJ name: DJ DDT

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Main music style: Hip-Hop
Other styles played: Soul/R&B, Jazz, Detroit Ghetto-Tech, Techno, House, Dance, Rap

List of clubs, bars and festivals you have DJ'd at:
WJLB's Family Fun Day Festivals (Detroit, Michigan); WJLB's What's Next on the Menu Concerts (Detroit, Michigan); Jazz Cafe (Detroit, Michigan);
Saint Andrews/The Shelter(Detroit, Michigan); Alvin's (Detroit, Michigan);
The Zoo Bar/Legends Nightclub (Detroit, Michigan); The Warehouse/Club 2000 (Detroit, Michigan); The River Rock (Detroit, Michigan); The Bullfrog (Detroit, Michigan); The Good Life Lounge (Detroit, Michigan); 5th Avenue Bar (at Detroit Tigers' Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan); Tour DJ (as DJ for D12); Lot 1210 (Detroit, Michigan); Bad Boy Weekend (Bad Boy Entertainment/Diddy); Club Bleu (Detroit, Michigan); The Ritz Concert Venue (Warren, Michigan); Plan B (Detroit, Michigan); Club Envy (Detroit, Michigan);
WJLB-FM (Mixshow DJ/Air Personality); (Mixshow DJ) ; Club Evolution (Detroit, Michigan); Vondie's On the River (Detroit, Michigan);
Studio 51 (Detroit, Michigan); Various other venues and events.

DDT's Discography:
Proof (R.I.P), "Whutch U No" (Producer - album: Detroit Compilation, 1998);
Marquis, "Come On Now (featuring DJ DDT)" (Producer, - Maxi Single: All About Me, 1998) Snake Pletskiano "Don't Waste Your Time" (Producer - album: The Prescription, 2003); Young Ryder "Party Tonight" (Producer - album: The Natural, 2003); Proof (R.I.P), "Love Letters" (Producer - album: I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, 2005); Snoop Dogg "Beat Up On Your Pads" (Producer [with Mr. Porter] - album: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, 2006);
L'Renee "I Love My Life" (Producer - album: 2nd Chances, 2007); RenCen "Who" (Producer - album: Size 10, 2007); Moody "Born To Mack" (Mix Engineer, 2008); B.L.A.K.E Eerie (Mix engineer, Mastering Engineer - album: Seceretary of Defense, 2008); Jay Beretta (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mixtape DJ - album: 17 Shots: the Mixtape, 2008); Undataka (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mixtape DJ - album: Undataka Is Your President: the Mixtape, 2009); Moody featuring Slim of 112 "Can't Stop (Thinkin' Bout You)"
(Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, 2009); Identical "Fanning With da Money" (Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer. 2009); Moody (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer - album: Too Fly to Land Mixtape, 2009); Newland "Pillow" (Recording Engineer, 2009); Whitney Raenan "iCandi" (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, 2009); L'Renee "Reflections" (Producer - album: Europe, 2009); World Famous M.A.T.I.X (Mastering Engineer - album: LMAO: A Graphic Novel, 2010); Bizarre "Smoking Weed" (Producer - album: Weed, Liqour & Food Stamps, 2010) Preme "Employee Of the Month Mixtape" (Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, 2012) World Famous Matix (Producer; Mastering Engineer - album: "Journey Through The King's Journal", 2012)





  photo HOOLIGAN1_zpsf6e88fc0.jpg

Considering himself like Bruce Lee, Hooligan flows like water, with no particular styles.

Six years as Hooligan inspired him to do the job he loves, perform music. Working in the industry as a radio personality, hosting open-mic shows and participating in rap battles.

Hooligan's inspiration to make money while creating it was proven with the release of five CDs.

His words of wisdom to others aspiring to be inspiring as they move the crowd are simple and straightforward, "You have to have drive, dedication and draw from personal experiences, so that you are authentic. Give it your all, but make sure your balanced. No one likes broke ass people."




Ikeisha Baker was born and raised in Detroit; MI. She has 2 boys that she loves dearly. Ikeisha attended Northwestern High School where she took up Radio Television for 3 years. After leaving Northwestern High she went to National Institution of Technology twice for Computers and Electronics, she decided that was not for her. After enrolling into Specs Howard twice, and hopping job to job she decided to go back, and re-enrolled into Specs Howard for the third time in August 2009. Finally her career takes off, and she has not turn back. In Jan 2010 Ikeisha started off as an intern at Radio One Detroit. She grinds so hard that Radio One offered her a permanent position as a Promotion Assistance in October 2010 after proving herself as an intern.

 photo IKEISHAPressPlay_zpsd103bc70.jpg

Ikeisha started working for three different departments at Radio One as a Receptionist, Board Operator in the Programming Department, and Promotion, You can catch her on U Know Cell show every Saturday at 9:30am with Making Your Weekend Hotter on the All New Hot1075.

 photo 1075logo_zps3f951e68.png

Ikeisha also has her own show Hot In The Streets Live on Hot 1075 every Friday at 1am. Ikeisha received 3 Peer Recognition Awards, and 2 Spirits Awards for her dedication and hard work as a team player. After graduating from Specs Howard, she hosted the 2011 Dr. Martin Luther King 26 Annual Peace Walk. She is in the movie Loud Pack, and in the sitcom Before We Were Men that will air on TV20, and in Big Sean Guap video. In December 2012 Ikeisha Baker received her Associated Arts Degree from Rochester College in Michigan, and now she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication. No matter how young you are no matter how old you get, never give up on your hopes and dreams.

Ikeisha's Links:;;;






6. I feel a good way for an artist to build an audience is to include their fans in what they are doing. Everyone wants to be a part of something that is moving forward and the more you involve others in your career plans like tour schedules and television appearances the more they will be willing to support you and buy your music.

7. I would say my greatest influences are my family and mostly my mother and older brother Darnell. Growing up all they did was play music and I used to watch my brother and our cousin Phil (Digital Underground) when he was in town from California freestyle and crack jokes in the kitchen of my mothers apartment. This is where my love for music began and then it later developed into a strong ambition and life path for me to become a professional musician and rap artist. I do however respect ALL of the elders that have come before my generation because they have alot of knowledge to pass on and have been somewhere I am trying to go in life. Some of the new artists can't do that because they are still learning life themselves.
 photo CountTimeTheMoviesm_zps947096d2.jpg
8. I am a musician and also a father and I try to teach my kids to enjoy the music but don't become it unless it is positive influence. I admit that my lyrics are not the most wholesome, I still don't want them following the next big thing to grab a mic and later find out the guy, girl, or group were idiots trying to lead them down the wrong path. I do what I can as a parent even though i'm not as available as I would like to be for my family on a daily basis but I try to balance the two worlds of work and home to the best of my ability. To me family is important and is the real riches in life.

Please check out Kulayd's music videos (Preview) (Preview)



  photo 974389_771660619563362_512142928_n1_zps3acbf698.jpg

JIGSAW DA JIGSTA IS A ENTERTAINER that gives a show out of this world. IF U HAVEN'T SEEN JIGSAW live its a must u do!!! His Songs I am Detroit & I Hate Rappers is getting GREAT REVIEWS world wide... The singles have been placed on several mix cds arcoss the world and still building!

Just in the last year Jigsaw has done shows with Rick Ross, King Gordy, Bizzy Bone, Mo Thugs, D-12, Royce 5'9, Critical Bill, Afro Man, Ritz, Lil Wyte, Hard Target & more.. Jigsaw has been on a promo tour through the mid-west and his hard work and grind is still payin' off by winning:

12 AWARDS: ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2009, 2010, 2011.... BEST LIVE PERFORMER 2010, 2011... BEST ALBUM 2010,VIEWER CHOICE 2010,CARZ & STARZ 2008, 4 HOOD AWARDS for THE PICNIC given EACH YEAR.... and JIGSAW has been nominated for the DETROIT MUSIC AWARD 2009,2010,2013,2014 and is still grinding hard.

He just finished his 1st Horror Short film "Rashona" written,directed & filmed by JIGSAW's film company JACOTE FILMS, also he is the man behind Rhythm & Bars.

"So we hope ya'll ready for this great ride... WELCOME 2 JIGSAW WORLD!!"

  photo 10714759_771660636230027_2018588251_n1_zpscd5bbaff.jpg


 photo IMG_205437613922186_zps0e22f5d9.jpeg

1. Been acting as King KUHZ for about a good 12 years... I used to go by MR DOEBOY1 THE STIKKY FINGAH CANDYMAN AKA MISTA MURDAH MISSION....[that's a long name]; of course it's always an inspiration.... this is MY PRESENCE for THE WORLD.... With King KUHZ - ONLY THING changes from ME is stage arrogance and flashiness.... I'm the same dude personally, just a bit more humble of MY POSITION in this rap game.

2. My music is a reflection of MY LIFE... SO THE BASIC ESSENTIALS I NEED is just MY PAST EXPERIENCES. I'm NOT trying TO GLORIFY THE WRONG, IM JUST PUTTN MY EXPERIENCES OUT THERE; alot of my MUZIK is about partying ... being the BEST - in MY LIFE... LOVES N HEARTBREAKS; I grew up without much, maybe that's the reason I party SO MUCH N SHOW OFF in my songs; all you REALLY NEED IS DRIVE N A BEAT... REALTALK... but realistically, if you wanna be heard, you just need a recording device.... HELL, use your phone. Your video and audio records in them now you can facebook, YouTube.... it's really unlimited. But the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL YOU NEED IS A HUSTLE/DRIVE and COMMITMENT.

3. Welllll..... I DO IT ALL. I was taught the more you know the less you PAY OUT N MORE MONEY YOU KEEP. I'm a promoter; recording artist; producer; engineer; graphic designer; CEO... ONLY THING I AINT IS SLEEPING. When you come up without the funds to use TO INVEST IN YOURSELF for recording and graphics, and promo you gotta learn a way to do it YOURSELF.... ALL AROUND GRINDER... GOTTA GET UP N MAKE IT HAPPEN HOWEVER.... IF THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. 


5. Well, of course you'll need a recording device. Nowaday, you can use mobile phones, computers, tablets, I myself use CUBASE on a MAC Mini, a condenser mic, some headphones.... But like I said, U GOT ALL KINDS OF PLUG IN FOR DEVICES. I started with a cheap mic, a guitar amp and an old tabletop interrogation tape recorder....LOL... KARAOKE machines... 4 tracks... AW16G CD digital workstation, computers; you'll definitely NEED A PEN A PAD OR A NOTEPAD APP like me, too.

6.Get to places that offer these resources. I really got on the scene messing with #DETROITSKILLS TALENT SHOWCASE hosted BY DJ KING DAVID POWERED BY KENNY GOODLIFE.... FREE interviews, FREE YOUTUBE exposure of your performances filmed by WAYNE P. Then, it's up to YOU to HUSTLE your career; other ways to promote yourself: facebook postings; REVERBNATION; YOUTUBE; or just even OLD FASHION WORD OF MOUTH: " HEY, CHECK ME OUT ON..."

 photo 10262075_856271187733277_8577178682937079029_n_zps1df3b3bb.jpg


8. WOW.... well, it's HARD TO BALANCE it KUhZ my position, being CEO, promoter and ALL... but there's times where you HAVE TO SAY OK, HOLD UP I NEED A BREAK TO BREATH.... DONT OVEREXERT YOURSELF. This is a looooooong road, and DONT GET TOO COMFORTABLE RESTING EITHER....

#HUSTLEHARDENT #PROMONEYRECORDZ Checc us out on the net to keep up to date with performances and our artists: KING KUHZ... RAIL... J.KICX... THERAPIST... ARACHNID... YUNGN SKII WALKER....




 photo 254111_214720868558793_6365054_n_zps901e04e8.jpg


LENNY DIAMONDS has been a part of the ROYAL FAMILY from day 1!  His career journey has taken him from having a dream, to LIVING a DREAM - and his ROYAL FAMILY applauds him.  Lenny took some time from his busy schedule to share his journey...  


Q. #years working as a artist
A. 14 years. My family would let me record in the professional studio until year 2000-2001 my senior year... King High c/o 2001
Q. Always a aspiration?
A. Yes. Because I grew up involved in professional recording studios, and my cousin LaRocko Tee got a deal in like 94; I used to be with him freestyling as a youngster... (
Q. Basic essentials to be this type of artist?
A. Dedication, drive, focus, ink pen, paper.
Q. Type of connection of multiply talents?
A. I learned how to Engineer music, produce music, arrange music, I studied marketing, and I'm involved with promotions
Q. Share with those who wish to be this type of artist: Life of it- Death of it-
A. Being the type of artist I am, I leaned to carry on tradition, research, always be real to myself and the music I'm making. The death of it is teamwork, money, quality sound, and distractions.
Q. As a career what's needed? [equipment/hardware]
A. I started with a talkboy ( in 93 I just wanted to be heard, but now you have to have a computer or laptop, install a program to record your vocals (sonar, protools, logic,etc) and also heaphones, studio monitor speakers, a good microphone.
Q. Starting on a budget, or nothing?
A. I say nothing, because your talent should take you to the top, but keep in mind everything in life cost!
Q. How to build a audience?
A. Always let a family member or close neighbor hear your music 1st, because they will tell you the truth about it and if they like it, they will help you build an audience. Search for open mics and various venues to showcase your music.
Q. Words of wisdom..
A. Stay focused avoid distractions, it's work to be done
Q. Your greatest influences?(1)... in life ?(2)
A. (1) larocko tee, nas, p.diddy, jay-z (2) mom and dad
Q. Share how you are balancing life versus business, (or) the hype of the industry?
A. I'm always with my family that is what makes me happy in life and i try not to let them know anything I'm doing with music business, or how I'm doing with my current project.
You can listen to Lenny Diamonds:
and check out his videos:  



Years working as this artist- I've been working on music now for 11 years. I started out playing drums as well as guitar and then later in life decided I wanted to get more technical, learning how to actually produce instrumentals with my computer and electronics hardware and software such as fruity loops and pro tools.

Always an inspiration? why? - I would have to say my Father has always been my main inspiration, due to the fact him and my uncle were both in a semi-well known band known as The Decades. My father grew up playing bass guitar as well as my uncle learning how to play drums, and they formed the group The Decades over the years. My dad would teach me how to play music as well as share his stories of traveling all over, playing, including all throughout the Detroit area. Funny thing is, that 20 sum odd years later, I managed to perform in some of the same venues as my father and his band. But most importantly my dad always saw talent within me and encouraged me to never give up on my dreams. In doing so, I've accomplished more than most have in their entire careers, such as sharing a stage with Obie Trice, 2Live Crew, Trick Trick, Doughboyz Cashout, and this coming November 27th I will be sharing the stage with Rittz and Snow Tha Product of Strange Music.

MADV Performs photo MADV1_zpsd1b9a1c7.jpg


Basic essentials to be this type of artist- I would say the most important essential to not only be a hip hop artist but any artist is practice, practice, practice. Practice everything from your writing skills, your vocabulary and index, your recording skills as well as performance skills. It's crucial that you're A1, at the top of your game if you wish to succeed. Separate yourself from the rest and most importantly, don't be afraid to be different!! Also, I would say networking is just as important. Get out there in the local scene, and meet people. You never know who you will meet at a show!

Multiple genres- I not only write and perform hip hop and rap, I sing as well. I believe both of these genres are parallel as well as them complimenting one another. I often get referred to as sounding like drake with some of the music I've written and produced in the past.

Share with those who want to be this type of artist, life of it? death of it? - the lifestyle of being a hip hop artist is crazy - that's for sure (haha). There are a lot of ups and downs. But its most important to stay focused, always persevere, and always keep moving forward. The upsides are the attention received, as well as getting noticed. It's nice to be recognized at a show or be at a local gas station, and hear someone repeating your lyrics whether or not they have the slightest clue as to you standing behind them.

I would say the number one down fall is that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes, you can feel rushed preparing a new song or getting ready for a big show but I'd have to say the biggest downfall is networking with people whose true intentions is to waste your time, or try to work against you. Keep an eye open, and be extremely cautious as to who you chose to work with because reputation is everything in this industry!

As a career what is needed? - aside from all the software and hardware, I will recommend the key ingredient is being professional!!! Don't grow an ego or false advertise as to who you truly are! You should be doing this because you love it, not just for attention, riches or fame!

Now, down to the basics of getting started. I just recently recommended this to a close friend of mine down in Cridersville, Ohio, number one is you should invest in a lap top or computer of some sort. Personally, I recommend a mac book pro due to everything [these days] is compatible with macs and not all the hardware out there is compatible with windows. I recommend getting something that is up-to-date because music equipment evolves all the time, and you don't want to have a computer that will do you no good. Next step is software. I would either suggest fruity loops or even better pro tools, both are sufficient, but everyone has their choice in software. Now that you've got a computer and software, I would suggest getting a condenser mic, I understand we're all not made of money, but it's important in this industry that you spend the extra cash because you get what you pay for! With that being said, I believe an akg perception series would be sufficient enough to get you a decent sound and get you started, also don't forget the pop screen if you want to sound crisp! Next step is a interface such as a mbox or focus right; you need to be able to plug in your mic or keyboard, or any other midi device for your software to recognize it. Finally, the last step is monitors, it's very important to be able to hear everything throughout your process of editing the final product - you don't want to miss a thing! I would suggest a pair of avid av 40s to get started. But if you got the cash to spend, I highly recommend the krk rockit 8's or bigger! Now that you have all the essentials to get you started, take your time, experiment, learn how everything works, and once again just practice, practice, practice!!

Starting budget? - I would say realistically, your looking at at least $1,000 to get you started in this industry as far as equipment and a computer; I, myself, started with no budget, and throughout the years of me working, collected each piece of my studio as time went by.

How to build an audience? - get your music out there on the internet!!! Any and all websites available for you to share your music, take advantage of it!!! Even websites like reverbnation or soundcloud, but if you're a serious artist, I recommend purchasing yourself a bar code! That's how all real artists start and that's also how you get thousands of plays, downloads and most important ROYALTIES!!!! For all serious artists out there interested in doing so, please feel free to check out

get your music out there as well as get on mix tapes with major artists!!! Now after you get a decent portfolio established, get out and do some shows! It's time to stop being a closet rapper, and put a face to the name!!! Once you start doing that, you just have to keep grinding and networking. I, myself, have networked so well, I'm on a local broadcast radio station every Tuesday from 9-11 pm, I also do live shows at clubs hosted by major local radio stations. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!

Words of wisdom - STAY HUMBLE!!! BE POSITIVE!!! Most importantly, LOYALTY OVER EVERYTHING!!! I live and abide by this last virtue, I even started my own label back in 2009 L.O.E. Productions because loyalty is key in this industry! Get out there, network, and help one another "TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK"!!!

MadV.L.O.E. logo photo MadVLOEplugger_zps4f505a3b.jpg

Greatest influences?- I have many, from local talent to headliners, but most importantly, I would say my family and close friends are the reason I'm still out here doing this because they were able to see something in me that I couldn't for the longest time, and never allowed me to give up!

Balancing life vs business- I recommend making this a full time career. But, I understand we all can't do that, even I have to uphold a full time job to pay the bills. Just micro manage your time and availability as best as you can to always be out there doing something in your free time. Whether its writing, recording, networking, or performing this is a constant grind and the only way to succeed is to grind till there's no teeth left on your gears and still keep grinding!!

MadV's single, Look At Me is on YouTube! View it here:

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"Thank you [ROYAL RHYTHMZ], again! I'd like to especially thank Royal Talk for giving me this opportunity as well as DJ Clout; The Detroit Dungeon; Captin Hook Da Producer -;

All of my family, especially my mother, father, and step father for all of their support; all of my friends and most of all, all of my fans and supporters! I wouldn't be where I am today without all of you! "It's because of all of you, I've made it this far, makin' big moves but still far from a super star," [Family Biz] haha. "Always love, no matter what"- Ron Lim, stay humble and remember Loyalty Over Everything,



Currently, I am a single mother of 2 children a boy and girl ages 8 and 4. I do say Single Mother but in my case I use the term loosely. I don't want to take away from all the single mothers out there who are strong and independent women raising their children on their own. My childrens' father is very much a part of their everyday lives, as well as mine. I could not be doing what I love to do right now if it wasnt for the support and love I have gotten from my childrens' father. He is one of the most outstanding men I have ever met.

Some of the perks and what I love about what I'm doing right now are the relationships and people I have met in the past few years. The underground scene here in Detroit is def... like a big family, and has been very accepting of me. I have made strong bonds with new faces that I have met in the last year that I could not now picture my Life story without. Even if I was to walk away with nothing, I have made lifelong friends and that's the honest trust.

The downfalls to me is the long and late nights. The music scene has always been late hours. Even when we would go to bars I would always have a sole purpose in mind, and I was never a drinker. I can't really complain about much because I love hitting stages and rocking out mics but the bar scenes are deffinitely not my thing.

Typical day with Mandy Baby .. I read this and kind of chuckled because my everyday life is kind of boring. I have two school aged children I'm raising, so I get early starts every morning. Getting them on the bus to school by 8AM and then starting my day. Which, usually consist of everyday mother duties. However, what sets me apart is my days end in studios, video shoots, radio interviews and jam sessions. Most of the excitement I get out my days and life are on my stages. I say "MY STAGES" because I def own it!!

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KEY TO SUCCESS.. I cannot speak for anybody else except for myself when I say this, 'The fact that I and my music is something that cannot be defined nor really compared to anybody else is what is giving me my rise in this cut throat music industry. Peole sometimes try to compare me to past Female artists and Emcees, but I have heard every name from Missy Elliot to Trina to MC LYTE. I feel that since I never get a typical same answer, my style and flow can be defined as MINE. What else sets me apart is my live shows and delivery. In the streets, I never rapped or flowed to any beat. Only the rhythms in my head and it has translated to ALWAYS LIVE shows. Never a backtrack or me singing over my recorded versions of tracks. I have been told by many others that's one of the reasons they enjoy my entertainment. But, if I could share one word with the next LADY EMCEE on the come up, it would be ORIGINALITY!! 

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-Share with thoses who wish to be this type of artist the Life/death of it? To be this type of artist I would say first off just be real from the start. All the bling, cash,cars,girls ect. =nothing if its all a front. And also learn how to respect other artist. When we can work together on a professional & creative level then we all benefit. - The death if it? "Beef" Here in detroit I've seen so much violence over rap beefs its sick. From being jumped/jacked to even death over a rap lyric. Remember once you put it out there in lyrical form its hard to take back.
As a career what's needed? For me as an artist I need much more than a pad of paper & a pen. I need my full preproduction studio to create music. I've never been a big fan of just writing an album to a bunch of premade beats. To all the new artist I would say invest in yourself. Buy some damn equipment every bit helps craft your sound.

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-Starting on a budget or nothing how to build an audience? Well these days with social media its a lof easier to reach the world. But there are some great sites that help artist. Soundcloud/ Ourstage/ Reverbnation/ Soundclick just to name a few.
Words of wisdom? Be true to yourself as an artist. There is a difference between "selling out" & selling. All artist need to sell something to keep funding their creative work.
-Greatest influences. Musical wise would be my brother Killer-K aka Ken Schroeder. You can't pay for the kind of musical education I got growing up around this guy.
Greatest life influence would be my wife Heather & my boys. They are the reason behind everthing I do
- Share how you are balancing life verses business.
Its hard to balance life & business honestly the two are at war all the time. There is a fine line that I seem to cross on a daily basis but at the end of the day somehow I make it all work.



- What would be a downfall to collaborating with another/other artist(s)?

Working with lazy folk, people who start something but dont follow through and finish it. Or just working with people who aren't as savy with the back end of a collab, like as far as the Split Sheet thing.

- Who have you done collaborations with so far?

MusiCreations MC, Cristyle, D.E.Z, Wood Zombie, Figozaurus, Pimp Wayne, and a few others.

- Share your first experience with collaborating? Who was it with? Did you learn from it?

I was in a group back in like 2007 called the Original Boss Niggaz (OBN). It was just some cats I was in school with at the time. Things were okay for a while but it just seemed like nobody was as hungry as I was at the time. I eventually broke off and just did my own thing, but I feel like I wasted time and energy that could've been better spent. Thats why I said to make sure who ever you work with is as serious as you!

- Is it wise to collaborate with others?

Hell yea! Some of the biggest hits and best songs ever are collaborations. Two minds is better than one.

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- Where can we find/hear some of your collaborations? New projects?

Wood Zombie X E Baby X DEZ - Deep Black See

This is from Wood Zombie's album "Heiroglyphic Nectar"

I have an EP coming soon in 2014 with euro-producer Figozaurus, me and D.E.Z are currently working on a collab for his album, Im also doing few projects with Cristyle for her EP. All coming soon!



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E.T.- I've been working about 5 years as E.T. and have been writing rhymes for about 6 years. The basic essentials to being a HIP HOP ARTIST is having a large vocabulary, a capability of being versatile as well as being unique. I mostly stick with rap and hip hop, but I do like to add elements of rock in the mix. Other than rapping, I am usually doing Paramilitary Training Drills with MICHIGAN MILITIA. I have alot of interest in learning how to successfully engage targets at extreme ranges. So, I practice making wind calls and elevation as often as possible. When I’m not training or rapping, I am organizing and participating in local protests/demonstrations. I use music to reach out to large audiences over serious political issues.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "The ONLY time you FAIL is when you QUIT"; MY INSPIRATIONS come from EVERYTHING I SEE, HEAR AND FEEL on a day to day basis. That, and hearing music that actually has a meaning behind it. It is about who wants it MORE. In this kind of career, you need to maintain A POSITIVE MIND SET, AND STAY DETERMINED, every day is another step FORWARD.

When I first started recording music, I put together an inexpensive recording booth; I just bought a decent audio condenser for about $150 with the POP SHEILD and all. Then, I just lined the closet with a mattress foam pad; bought a decent mixer from a friend for $200 and downloaded a recording program, and that was the first "STUDIO" I recorded in.

IF YOU WANNA BUILD AN AUDIENCE your music must be appealing to THE MAJORITY; it has to be diverse, you have to be as entertaining as possible; USE PROPS - whatever you have to capture the crowd.

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DOUGHBOY- ESSENTIALS OF BEING AN ARTIST are being able to have a creative imagination, being able to rhyme words and put them in clever rhyme schemes and patterns, all while being able to create stories, and visions for people when they listen to your music. I think you have to have a love for ALL TYPES OF GENERES OF MUSIC NOT JUST HIP HOP because it helps make you well-rounded when it comes to coming up with concepts for songs. When it comes to being a SERIOUS ARTIST in the industry, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you have to have is DEDICATION. You have to be willing to go all out, and put 150 PERCENT WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO: whether it’s PROMOTION, MARKETING, MAKING MUSIC AND NETWORKIN WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY… you CAN’T be the person sitting in the back of the room being NON SOCIAL. You won’t GET ANYWHERE IF YOU DONT SPEAK UP.. YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO MAKE SACRIFICES, DONT BE AFRAID TO STAY IN THE STUDIO FOR DAYS AT A TIME TO MEET DEADLINES. You SHOULD TAKE EVERY ASPECT OF THE GAME SERIOUSLY. THIS IS NOT A HOBBY, THIS IS OUR LIFE.

Whether you are starting on a budget, or with NOTHING AT ALL, the odds are DEFINITLY STACKED AGAINST YOU. YOU would have a better shot at WINNING THE LOTTO THAN BEIN A SUPERSTAR IN THIS INDUSTRY, obviously with a budget, you have a BETTER SHOT, with being able to put up money for marketing and merchandising, but I think in the END, it ALL COMES DOWN TO WHO YOU KNOW, AND JUST HAPPENING TO BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU ARE GONNA DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL.


WORDS OF WISDOM: Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

THE PEOPLE THAT INSIPRE ME MOST: Are mainly my inner circle. E.T. of course, makes me continue to push myself as an artist coming up with better rhymes and concepts for songs; truly blessed to have him and to CLICK SO WELL TOGETHER. Together, we have something that NOT alot of groups have. Second would have to be our manager Jennifer Jiminey (previously featured in ROYAL-TALK!'s SuperWomen Showcase as SNOWBUNNIE), SHE PUTS IN SO MUCH WORK FOR US: from booking us shows, radio and TV interviews. Her drive and dedication inspires me to be THE BEST I CAN BE.

THANKS TO our producer Aaron, for putting us in the studio, and giving us the opportunity to be able to record whenever WE WANT, and MAKING OUR MUSIC SOUND BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSES. Being able to record IN one of the BEST STUDIOS, WISEGUYS RECORDS in the Detroit AreaIA A BLESSING and I can’t thank him enough! Last, my MOST IMPORTANT INSPIRATION WOULD HAVE TO BE MY DAUGHTER, without HER, I would probably have QUIT A LONG TIME AGO, BUT JUST SEEING HER SMILE GIVES ME MOTIVATION TO KEEP PUSHING - SO I CAN GIVE HER THE LIFE EVERY PRINCESS DESERVES



Extra Gram Sam born Jamil Bell on March 4, 1980 was born, and raised on the Westside of Detroit on Schoolcraft, and graduated from Cooley High School in 1998. Sam has one daughter that he loves, cherishes, and enjoys being with daily. Extra Gram Sam started his career rapping in 2011, and is signed to record label Brickk Entertainment.

He decided to expanded his arising, and continue on with his rapping career, in 2013 Sony Entertainment offered Jamil a distribution deal. Sam has done open performances for major artists such as Young Jeezy, andTI at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, and he also performed at The White Party, Hot in the Streets Live Showcase and The Sting.

On February 15, 2014 Sam performed at one of the livest concerts event in Detroit called the Profanity Tour. On March 28- April 1 Extra Gram Sam will be on a 3 day tour in Alabama, Atlanta, Tennessee’s, and California performing his smash hits "ONE STOP SHOP", and "LET IT GO". Extra Gram Sam will be releasing his debut album "WE NEVER OUT" with the two smashed single exclusive hits "ONE STOP SHOP and "LET IT GO. -Extra Gram

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EXTRA GRAM SAM's Links:; One Stop Shop by Extra Gram Sam;;










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SHE'S A MOTHER, EMCEE... SHE'S MANDY BABY, and she's ON FIRE! Read her story...









5. As a career, what's needed? Required (equipment/hardware) tools?
This day in age you need to have a computer with internet access first and foremost. Most of your fans will come from internet plays on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. We are in a world where everything we do is online. Also beneficial to have your own studio equipment, microphones, etc. So that you can record when ready and have solutions ready and available if there is ever a technical problem at a show.

6. Starting on a budget or nothing? How to build an audience.
First with family and friends. Identify your audience understand what they want, what they like. What will get you heard by more people. A good beat, or sharp lyrics that will get one fan to share with a friend and so on... Keep creating music, new music to keep old fans, and to keep them sharing with potentially new fans... Promotion!!

7. Words of Wisdom.
Topshelf: Just do it! If you love it, do it!!!
Breezy: Be yourself and be different!

8. Greatest Influences: (Include in life also)
Topshelf: Family, Erika Badu, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, to many to list... Just great musicians, Real artists.
Breezy: My Dad, for being a great man, great role model, always pushing me to keep going... And all people who ever said I couldn't do it, or wouldn't make it... Great motivation!

9. How are you balancing life vs. business? Or the hype of the industry?
Topshelf: At a steady pace. Learning and taking away all I can, living...
Breezy: Setting aside time for each. Scheduling time to sit and write, record in studio, etc. Along with scheduling time with my family and friends.

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